We forgive you

List Jumper (co-owned between Matt Koshko and I) is a responsive mailer with a unique and very rewarding One-A-Day bonus system.

What this means is, if you read one mail per day without missing a day, your consecutive day count keeps increasing, and the higher that count gets the more and greater free rewards you get in the form of even more advertising… bonus login ads, premium ads, and mailing credits!

One of our members has read 714 days in a row without missing a day, but if she did miss a day she would be set back to day 0. Ouch!

Well now, we’ve released what are called Forgives.

It’s like an insurance policy for your one-a-day streak, so if you’ve purchased a forgive (for just 500 credits) ahead of time, and you ever miss a day then you are forgiven for that day and continue your progress as normal!

Make sure you have one, or two, or even more forgives in your account now.. and challenge yourself to see how high you can go!

==> http://www.listjumper.com

To your success,

Darren Olander

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Spin to Win Ads and More!

How would you like to win all kinds of cool marketing stuff for free?

– Win FREE advertising
– Win FREE memberships
– Win FREE marketing tools
– Win FREE info products

Plus lots more…

=> It’s free to play and you get 10 free spins a day

Jane Mark and Phil Basten just opened the doors, and I love creative stuff that also helps build businesses, so I’m excited to show you…

Let’s see you on the winners list!

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To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. I’ve even included prizes for 3 of my sites that you can claim inside.. Just spin and win :-)

List Jumper New Features!

We have some new stuff at List Jumper and more on the way…

1. On your members home page you can view the top One-A-Day achievers.. Margot Lawrence has read at least one mail per day for 690 days! Can you beat that?

2. We are also displaying a feed of recent mails from all our upgraded members, you can click on those to view them and earn credits just as you would through your email.

3. We’ve removed the limits! You can now spend as many credits as you like to send your mailings. This applies to all members, so upgraded members of course get to send to a set amount of members without spending any credits, and any on top of that can be reached using credits.

Thank you for being an active List Jumper member, we’re happy to provide quality advertising to you.
If you’re not using List Jumper yet, go here.

To your success,

Darren Olander

My new site just launched, and it will shock you!

I’ve partnered up with Troy Wray to bring you DownlineMaxx – and what we’ve created will make you question what you ever thought was possible with downline builders.

Prepare to be shocked as we bring something completely fresh to the table:

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Besides innovative downline building, DownlineMaxx is also an incredibly effective email advertising system!

Mail to a fast growing list of members who WANT to receive your email ad:

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Thanks for checking out our new site – I’m confident you will love it too!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. DownlineMaxx has a free membership, but if you want to Maxximize your results pay attention to the offer right after you join.

Just Launched – Rapid Fire Ads + My Exclusive Bonus (Rare!)

The Legacy Team has JUST released a new way to leverage traffic from everywhere: mailers, traffic exchanges, ptc’s, etc. in a brilliant gamified traffic cooperative system!

Simply set up your ads and get exposure everywhere that Rapid Fire Ads members are advertising… is it time for your ads to go Rapid Fire?

Check it out, it’s free

I rarely give bonuses for joining things through me, but Rapid Fire Ads will be hot and I want to make sure you don’t miss out, so if you join through my link I will give you 5,000 mailing credits in my site Adchiever.com (or one of my other sites if you want instead).

Even more, if you decide to upgrade in Rapid Fire Ads I will double that and give you 10,000 credits instead.

Just join through my link and contact me at my support desk with your Rapid Fire Ads ID and Adchiever ID and I’ll add your bonus!

First join here:

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See you inside!

Darren Olander

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Please use subject “Rapid Fire Bonus” and include your IDs for each site.

Give yourself a raise this New Year

You can give yourself higher earnings this year
by using a funnel that gives you huge leverage
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And here’s another big reason: This funnel
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Start earning multiple referral commissions
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It is the Prosperity Marketing System

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Integrate your site with us, free!

Over the years I’ve co-founded or created
some products that help other website owners.

If you own your own website, whether it be a membership
site or blog, here are 3 ways you can get
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1. Jollow.com is a rewards platform that allows you to
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2. TrafficCodex.com is a site where users of Traffic Exchanges
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All of these options take just a little time to set up intially
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So if you own a site, get in touch so my partners and I can
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Take care,

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Monthly referral contests have now started at Viral Nugget and top referrals every month will be loaded up on free

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Integrate One Site with Jollow – Free

We’ve made a big change to Jollow which allows anyone to integrate one site completely free! If you’ve been holding off trying out Jollow with your site to increase activity/signups – now is the time!

Go here to get started

See you there,

Darren Olander

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We look forward to growing with you!

Leading traffic exchange just got better…

One of the leading traffic exchanges for many years has just had a make-over!

With over 165,000 Splashers to promote your sites to, Traffic-Splash is BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

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