Guaranteed Mails

Marty Petrizza has just opened a new mailer, and it guarantees you will receive a certain amount of click throughs on every mail!

With Guaranteed Mails, upgrades are based on how many opened mails you get from your email ads not how many you can mail to.

For one week only she is offering a lifetime upgrade, and I have a special code to get an even further 20% discount, just enter it on the signup form when you register. The code is: justforyou

Go join here:


No matter how long Guaranteed Mails is around, the promise remains the same – you know what to expect from every single email ad you send.


Darren Olander

P.S. Marty Petrizza runs some of the best sites in our industry and I’m happy to support and recommend her new site:


P.P.S. Remember, the lifetime offer is only offered for one week, and then it will be gone, do not miss it!

Insane advertising value… I’ve secretly used this for months.

About 3 months ago I took the lifetime upgrade in Marty Petrizza’s Downline Builder Elite.

The upgrade actually comes with 10s of thousands of advertising credits, banner impressions, and text ads you get every single month from dozens of different mailers and TEs (currently 38 sites in total and I’ve been seeing Marty add more every month).

That’s an insane deal for a one time payment of $97.

And that’s not all, she will even throw in two solo ads to all members of her sites, which are very responsive!

Downline Builder Elite will also help you keep all your referral IDs with downline builders updated so you don’t miss out on potential earnings and referrals.

I shouldn’t have taken months to tell you about it, but now you know it is a winner, so go grab it now.

To your success!

Darren Olander

BuildMyDownlines releases Request an Offer!

If you didn’t know already, rewards users just for joining websites as a free user.. this can be in either cash or credits. It is up to the advertisers how much they will reward each user, and it is clearly shown in the offers list.

Now, if you don’t see the site listed that you are looking to join, just go to the new Request an Offer section and put in the domain name! We will then show that you are looking for offers for that domain in the Wanted section on the member dashboard and you will be notified whenever a new offer is added for that site. If multiple offers are added by advertisers then you can choose which one you want to take!

This is excellent for advertisers because they can frequently check the Wanted section and see what sites users are looking to join, and it’s great for users because they get rewarded for joining sites they already intend to join!

This new feature is now live – go check it out!


To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Looking to get more users to join you in your site, your list, or affiliate program? Place an offer at BuildMyDownlines and start getting real signups today:




Now Accepting Bitcoin

I am excited to announce that three of my advertising sites are now accepting Bitcoin payments and subscriptions through Coinbase.

The sites ready to accept Bitcoin right now are,, and

What is Bitcoin?

For the best explanation, I recommend to visit and watch the short video. Bitcoin is open-source, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin, and everyone can take part. There will be a set amount of Bitcoin ever released over time to “miners” (anyone providing server resources) who support the network for secure transaction processing. Once this amount is reached no more Bitcoin will ever be released, this makes the currency different from fiat currencies because it is naturally deflationary.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is super attractive because of little to no transaction fees to send or receive Bitcoin. It is more cost effective than credit card processing or any other payment processing system.

You have complete control over your Bitcoin, so your Bitcoin account isn’t tied to any financial institutions and it can’t be frozen.

Many large companies are now accepting Bitcoin or have announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin soon… OverStock, NewEgg, Dell, NameCheap, TigerDirect, and many many more.

How do I get Bitcoin?

The easiest way to get, securely store and send Bitcoin is through CoinbaseCoinbase is the world’s largest platform for buying and selling Bitcoin for US dollars at the current market rate.

You don’t have to buy one Bitcoin to get started, you can buy and spend fractions of Bitcoins called bits so you can own as little or as much as you like.

Once you have obtained Bitcoin, either through Coinbase or another means, you can spend it at my sites and receive an automatic 10% discount, for the time being, at, and

Thank you for your support!

Darren Olander


Our new site Jollow is now beta launched!

Two and a half years ago, Jollow was just an idea, but today with the teamwork of Frank Bauer, Matt Koshko, and myself, we’ve created an incredible system that brings together industries and rewards you for being active in sites you are already a member of… plus allowing you to discover other sites that are integrating with Jollow as I write this!

Ready to get rewarded more for your activity on your favorite websites?

Check out Jollow!


New sites will be integrating with Jollow daily, so if you don’t see all of your favorites yet, just remember, we’re just getting started!

To your success!

Darren Olander

P.S. Jollow is free to earn rewards just for doing what you are already doing on your favorite websites!


The huge month for new mailers continues…

It’s not uncommon for a lot of new mailers to launch, but ones that are notable, must-join mailers is generally not as common.

This month has shown to be eventful, and it’s not over yet.

Janid Inayat, owner of the popular HitLink traffic exchange has decided to open his own list mailing site called Paragon Mailer:


If he does as good of a job as he has done with HitLink then this will be a big hit, too!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Paragon mailer is free to join and use, but as with any advertising site, the most value and exposure is with the upgrade option. If you choose to upgrade through the Yearly Platinum OTO
I can offer you a bonus of 10k HitLink credits – but this offer expires in one week.

To grab it, join Paragon Mailer and watch for the OTO:


Then, if you upgrade send me your hitlink username so we can add the 10k bonus credits to your account.
Not a member of hitlink? Join here:

To contact me, send a support ticket to with subject “HitLink Bonus” and include your hitlink username.

Remember, the bonus is only for those who grab the Yearly Platinum OTO in Paragon Mailer after joining through this link:


What else launched this month?

ListPunk from Ryan Hogan
Dynamite Mailing Explosion from Trevor McHaffie and Stephane Tourigny

View mails your way, now at Viral Nugget! (plus reward code)

Many users want to view their mails directly on the site, instead of in their personal email inbox, for both ease of use and convenience.

Because I want to provide the best service possible to my members, we have now rolled out the Email Ad Inbox on Viral Nugget so you can do just that, if you choose.

Now all of my sites have an email ad inbox allowing you to view and earn credits directly within the site, including Viral Nugget:


Did you know with Viral Nugget when you read mails you not only earn mailing credits, but also text and image ad credits too?

Make sure you are getting the most value and take advantage of Viral Nugget for your advertising needs!

And to celebrate this addition to the site, use this reward code inside Viral Nugget under the Reward Codes page to get even more free advertising!

The code is:


Darren Olander

P.S. Watch out for even more improvements coming soon to our ad network for publishers and advertisers. Remember, your text and image ads at Viral Nugget can be displayed on hundreds of sites displaying our widgets and ad blocks, and we’re just getting started!


What are the best advertising sources?

What really are the best viral mailers and traffic exchanges you should be using now?

Well, you can ask many people and they’d likely give you different opinions, because results and preferences vary… but listening to the advice of people who consistently use them day in and day out is an excellent starting point.

Sean Supplee has released a new ranking system today which shows what he thinks are the best, and over the coming weeks it will be refined based on unique visitors, conversion rates and sales rates.

Check it out here, it’s free!


In addition to helping you find quality advertising, it also works as a downline builder, meaning if you refer people to Rapid Downline then those referrals can be joining YOU in any of the sites that are ranked or recommended!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Spending your time where it counts is important – are the sites you spend your most time advertising at listed here?


Auto-Send now available at Adchiever

Do you ever forget to send a mailing, or just don’t take the time to send as often as you can?

Now at Adchiever, you will never have to remember to mail again, because with auto-send the system will automatically send out your email ads as soon as available!

You can set up one or multiple email templates, and even the amount of credits you want to spend each mailing.

Check it out by logging in to Adchiever and going to the the Ads menu and then Auto-Send Mailing:


This feature has a small yearly fee, and it will be a huge convenience to never have to worry about setting up your email ads again or watch the clock for your next mailing to be available.


Darren Olander

P.S. If you truly want set-and-forget advertising just purchase any upgrade at Adchiever along with Auto-Send and your email ads will be sent on auto-pilot all year long!