Revealed: Our top performers

Advertisers at Viral Nugget get their banner and text ads displayed across dozens of different websites, but we’ve never before revealed which of those sites are providing the highest amount of visitors… until now!

You can see the list of top publishers by logging in to Viral Nugget and clicking the option from the menu.

Since these sites are providing great clicks on our ad blocks, some of them may be advertising sites that you can use to get even more exposure directly. Even if they aren’t we are glad to give them extra exposure just for being a top publisher for our members ads.

The list of top publishers will be updated each month.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Placing Viral Nugget ad blocks on your sites has never been more rewarding… You will earn cash and credits for clicks, generate referrals and potential commissions, and now compete to be listed among our top publishers for massive exposure.



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