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This page shows the sites that I personally own and operate.. or in other words my network of sites. Through all of my sites I always strive to be innovative, and provide the highest quality service and support. My goal has always been to create sites that will be of huge benefit to my customers (you!) and bring you that much closer to real success. The sites are categorized by the type of service provided.

Advertising Sites

Adchiever – Viral Email Advertising Meets Loyalty Rewards!

The more you use adchiever the greater your rewards!

Build My Downlines – Downline Building & Advertising System

It includes an effective advertising system as well as an advanced referral marketplace. You can get paid to join websites, or pay others for joining you in any website in either real cash or credits!

List Surfing – Traffic Exchange and List Mailer in one!

This is a very unique concept that combines the best features of a traffic exchange and list builder into one highly effective advertising site!

Viral Nugget – Start A Flood Of Viral Traffic!

It’s a free viral marketing site. If you have a site you can place the widget on it and earn advertising credits. Get your ads seen on THOUSANDS of other members websites.


This is innovative downline building where you can buy/sell downline programs! Sell off programs that don’t interest you to get more for programs that do and exposure to other users’ downlines! This also includes a highly responsive mailer. 

List Jumper

Super responsive mailing list site with a unique One-A-Day bonus system that rewards users for reading at least one email ad per day. This delivers tons of unique traffic!

Viral Traffic Coop – Quality Push-Button Traffic on Demand

Viral Traffic Coop is a cooperative advertising site where all funds are pooled together to buy advertising at huge discounts… and this is passed on to you so you get more quality traffic for less! It’s also Viral – you have to see it for yourself 🙂

Downline Building / Training / Team Building Sites / Make Money

Prosperity Marketing System – Build YOUR System!

The Prosperity Marketing System is a high-powered well-oiled marketing and sales funnel. It helps you build your list, your current primary business, and customize the system with 15 other programs you wish to build! This is a must-have no matter what business you are trying to build!

Traffic Codex

Huge repository of promo codes to get free traffic at traffic exchanges, list builders, and more! Download the browser plugin to see when promo codes for a site are available automatically!

Instant Traffic Secret – Learn how to generate massive traffic!

This includes a completely FREE step-by-step guidebook and video series teaching you how to effective generate traffic and leads for any website you want to promote. Valuable for any level of marketer!

Social/Media Sites – Positive and Viral Content

Write for Shrawk and share in the ad revenue, or just enjoy the awesome content!

Marketing Checkpoint – Social Networking That Rewards You With Advertising!

Marketing Checkpoint is a forum and for making posts you will earn points and then can spend those points to send out email ads. Now with Marketing Checkpoint, social is even more rewarding!

Global Support Desk

If you have questions regarding ANY of my sites above, have a JV request, or other issue please use MyMemberSupport

Keep checking back as I will always be creating more sites and expanding my portfolio 🙂

Your Friend,

Darren Olander

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