Your ads where you want them… precisely

What is the downside to having your banner and text ads displayed on a large network of sites?

You may want your ad showing only on specific sites, or not showing on others due to your targeting preference.

Well, I’m happy to announce that Viral Nugget now lets you set specific domain targeting for every single banner and text ad campaign you run.

Here is a couple examples of what you can now do:

* If you want to show a banner or text ad only to visitors of a specific website, such as Adchiever, then your copy and even landing pages can speak directly to Adchiever members. This strategy can boost your conversions greatly, in marketing terms it is often referred to as message to market match. You can even choose multiple domains and only have your ads shown to visitors on those domains.

* If you are an affiliate of a site like Adchiever, then it would just waste impressions to have your ad for Adchiever show to people who are already members, so you can now block your ad from showing on the Adchiever domain in that situation.

In the same way, if you are a site owner who is displaying Viral Nugget ads on your website and you are advertising your site at the same time through Viral Nugget, you can now block your ads from showing on your own site.

We are always improving and growing our sites to make them better for you, so I appreciate any feedback and I’m really happy to have you with us!

Check out the Viral Nugget changes:


To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Viral Nugget is a rewarding place for both advertisers and publishers! If you would like to discuss how it can help your business please get in touch.

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