Consecutive Streaks – Everywhere!

All of my mailing sites now display your current  consecutive days read count within a flame icon when users read your mails and it is also mentioned on your profile page.

This is a fun way to challenge yourself to be consistent with earning advertising for your business and will show other members just how dedicated you are!

If members see you have a long streak going, they may be more interested to take a second look at what you are promoting…

So how does it work?

Read at least one mail per day to increase your consecutive day count. If you miss a day you will be reset back to 0 days.

You can see your streak and purchase streak freezes (not for money, but a small amount of credits) to make sure you don’t lose progress if you do miss a day by accident, just look for Consecutive Streak from the menu of my mailers.

See my list of mailers here

I look forward to seeing you achieve great heights!

Have fun,

Darren Olander

P.S. This is known as One-A-Day at List Jumper, but due to it’s massive popularity I have rolled out a similar feature (without the rewards) to my other mailers. This is for fun, recognition,
and to challenge yourself daily!

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