Not My Pal (important for your commissions!)

Should you support a company that has left half of your industry in rubble?

I think not. My sites are now PayPal free – that means we don’t accept PayPal and we are not paying out commissions in PayPal either.

But commissions WILL be paid as always. I just need you to update your preference to either Payza or Bitcoin.

For a list of my sites go here

And just make sure to update your payment preference.

Because PayPal is not our Pal.

To your massive success and moving on!

Darren Olander

P.S. I’m here to stay and I hope you are too… We have a great future together! If you have any question at all feel free to contact me


New TE Rev Share that pays on EFFORT

Infinity Traffic Boost is a Brand New Traffic Exchange, being launched by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark that is one of THE Most Unique I’ve Ever Seen!

First of all, they have developed a revenue sharing pool called Surfers Rewards that does NOT pay based on investment but rather on effort.

== You Can Earn Revenue Share Even As A Free Member! ==

Secondly, the Compensation Plan is an absolute FIRST of It’s Kind, providing up to 80% Commissions to Infinity Width AND Infinity Depth with purchase points that vary from as low as $2.39 to as much as $2,386.00. (How would you like to be earning 80% on a $2,386.00 purchase, wow!)

But, most incredible, is that InfinityTrafficBoost will be paying commissions INSTANTLY and Revenue Share Earnings (Surfers Rewards Pool) every 2 weeks.

I truly believe that InfinityTrafficBoost will be a major break out hit in the Traffic Exchange Industry in 2017, delivering top notch visitors to your site and INSTANT Commissions and Daily Revenue Share to your wallet.

Grab your account now!


Darren Olander

P.S. Frank and Clinton are owners you can trust – this is going to rock!


Looking for writers

I’ve spent one year quietly building an engaging community of fans (40,000 now and growing) who love positive and viral content!

Verify yourself: check out the facebook fan page here.

And… we’re just getting started so I want to  provide you the opportunity to essentially partner with me. This is free, you will never pay anything.

I’m looking for writers who want to curate content for our audience, I promote that content and you keep 80% of the ad revenue from your posts! Curating is not the same as creating content and you will learn what I mean in the training.

Popular content will be shared many times over years, and you can be the one to break the stories first on our site before anyone else if you get started now.

Training is included. You will be part of a growing media website!

Register free here

If you have any question feel free to get in touch!

Darren Olander

P.S. Registering now will lock you in at 80% share of the ad revenue from your posts. As we grow, this percentage may decrease for NEW writers, so lock in your percentage now if you are interested.

New Training Video – Rewards for joining free websites!

I just created a new training video which shows you in detail how to get paid in cash or advertising just by joining free websites.

Watch it and then get started joining free offers in BuildMyDownlines

You WILL get paid as always on my sites – I have been around for over a decade and have never missed payments to my members!

To your success,

Darren Olander

Ready for takeoff!

Some recent improvements have been made to the Prosperity Marketing System and the conversions are through the roof!

* In addition to accepting credit cards directly through Stripe, users can now upgrade through Payza and Bitcoin!

* Brand new sales funnel is working amazing (new $12 funnel landing page and sales letter).

* Has a free 7 day trial which removes any barrier to entry and allows people to start making money immediately even before they pay for the system themselves.

Prosperity Marketing System is primed and ready to help YOU make money – a whopping 100% commissions – will  you be telling others before they tell you?

=> Grab your funnel

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Use this system to build ANY program you are promoting right now and make even more money while doing smart marketing! It works!

ViralNugget V3 Is Here!

I just released Viral Nugget Version 3 and it brings some amazing new features to an already powerful advertising network!

With Viral Nugget CPC Ads you will get unlimited impressions of your banner and text ads, and only pay when you get actual clicks. It is a flat rate cost per click depending on the geographic location of the user visiting your site, so no bidding wars to worry about.

Viral Nugget supports all of the popular banner sizes – 468×60, 125×125, 120×600, 300×250, and even 720×90!

Your ads (both banners and text ads) will be displayed across dozens of different publishers websites… with more being added daily. Expect your reach to grow to hundreds of participating websites!

Publishers have even more reason to place ads on their sites because they now receive 70% revenue share from the CPC Ads as well as free ad impressions.

You will love what we’ve done at Viral Nugget, check it out:


See you there!

Darren Olander

Important Notice: PayPal is discontinued at my sites, please make sure to switch any subscriptions over to Payza or Bitcoin to avoid any interruption of your memberships. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch:



Must join new mailer – Get my exclusive free bonus!

I’m happy to introduce you to a very exciting launch of a new email advertising site, because it is run by no less than…

Brian Zens and the AdLabs Team – Proven and legendary owners!

It’s called Mailsy, and this is a must join.

But since this is so special I also wanted to give you something extra for joining through me.

=== My Exclusive Bonus ===

Join Mailsy for free and get 5,000 mailing credits in your choice of one of my mailing sites.
Upgrade in Mailsy (any upgrade) and I’ll give you 15,000 credits instead!

You must join through my link to get the bonus:


Instructions for claiming my bonus is in the P.S.

See you there!

Darren Olander

P.S. Join Mailsy for free and get 5,000 credits in your choice of one of my email advertising sites.
Upgrade and get 15,000 instead.

To claim my bonus go to and submit a ticket with the following information (make sure you’ve joined through my link):

1. use subject “mailsy bonus”
2. provide your name you used to register at mailsy (so I can check to verify you joined through me)
3. which site of mine you want the credits, and your ID number with that site.

I’ll get to all the submissions as soon as I can, thank you for your support.. and I’m confident you will be happy with Mailsy:

=> Join Mailsy Now

10 dollars per free referral

I have just reached a new milestone today and wanted to share it with you to inspire…

My earnings per FREE referral at Viral Mail Profits has just reached $10 each.

That means for every free member I’ve referred to the program I’ve earned on average $10 from them.

The model is freemium, which means anyone can join for free but there is the option to upgrade to get more out of the site. In this case, and with most sites that have real value attached to them, you can expect a good amount of people to end up upgrading, even if they don’t right away – perhaps they do months or years
down the road.

I started promoting Viral Mail Profits in 2009.

Here are my numbers:
788 verified referrals (remember, anyone can join free)
$7,883.30 total cash earned

Here is the screenshot:


That works out to almost exactly 10 dollars per referral.

When I first started promoting, it wasn’t 10 dollars, it was much less. But over time, this value has grown and continues to grow because some of my referrals are earning me residual commissions.

And of course I’m still getting referrals and sales to this day.

This is over $1k per year but here is my point: this is a side program that I only promote on the back-end of my funnels. So that’s nice modest income for very little work.

This is just ONE of many programs I promote on my back-end, AFTER people have joined my list.

So this is just ONE example of what happens when you commit yourself and be completely dedicated to promoting value-driven sites for YEARS. 

Stick to your guns and promote things that will be around for the long-term and your earnings will come… First and foremost build your list, then share with that list the programs that are here to stay.

To your massive success,

Darren Olander

P.S. How to build a list? Use an autoresponder like GetResponse. It integrates with the Prosperity Marketing System to build your list as you build an income.

P.P.S. How to promote? Use Viral Mail Profits to manage your email advertising via safelists, catch my training video here.

More stuff…

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How to get signups for a PENNY each

I created a video to show you how to create offers in BuildMyDownlines for others to join any website!

You can actually reward as little as one penny, or 500 credits, for each person who joins your advertised website.

Or offer more and the thousands of members will jump at the opportunity to join your downlines!

Watch the video below:

BuildMyDownlines let’s you name your price to get referrals into ANY program you want.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. You also gotta try the email advertising, the click through rates are high and so are the results!

Get LeasedAdSpace, LeadsLeap, and ReallySimpleSystem referrals with DownlineMaxx

Members of DownlineMaxx can now build referrals in LeasedAdSpace, LeadsLeap, and ReallySimpleSystem because they’ve been added to DownlineMaxx as the latest programs to buy and sell!

There are dozens of programs in total, and it is  an effective and fun way to get referrals for your favorite programs all in one place.

DownlineMaxx is also free to use:

Once you start getting referrals into DownlineMaxx they can be joining you in any of your favorite programs, and you can use MaxxPoints to get referrals from OTHER PEOPLES downlines – you can’t do that anywhere else!

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. DownlineMaxx also has a very effective mailer, allowing you to send email ads to a list of active readers…

P.P.S. Is your favorite program missing from DownlineMaxx?

Contact support and let us know, the more demand there is for a program the more likely it will be added in the near future!