10 dollars per free referral

I have just reached a new milestone today and wanted to share it with you to inspire…

My earnings per FREE referral at Viral Mail Profits has just reached $10 each.

That means for every free member I’ve referred to the program I’ve earned on average $10 from them.

The model is freemium, which means anyone can join for free but there is the option to upgrade to get more out of the site. In this case, and with most sites that have real value attached to them, you can expect a good amount of people to end up upgrading, even if they don’t right away – perhaps they do months or years
down the road.

I started promoting Viral Mail Profits in 2009.

Here are my numbers:
788 verified referrals (remember, anyone can join free)
$7,883.30 total cash earned

Here is the screenshot:


That works out to almost exactly 10 dollars per referral.

When I first started promoting, it wasn’t 10 dollars, it was much less. But over time, this value has grown and continues to grow because some of my referrals are earning me residual commissions.

And of course I’m still getting referrals and sales to this day.

This is over $1k per year but here is my point: this is a side program that I only promote on the back-end of my funnels. So that’s nice modest income for very little work.

This is just ONE of many programs I promote on my back-end, AFTER people have joined my list.

So this is just ONE example of what happens when you commit yourself and be completely dedicated to promoting value-driven sites for YEARS. 

Stick to your guns and promote things that will be around for the long-term and your earnings will come… First and foremost build your list, then share with that list the programs that are here to stay.

To your massive success,

Darren Olander

P.S. How to build a list? Use an autoresponder like GetResponse. It integrates with the Prosperity Marketing System to build your list as you build an income.

P.P.S. How to promote? Use Viral Mail Profits to manage your email advertising via safelists, catch my training video here.

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