This does 99% of the work for you.


If you’ve worked with me in the past you know that
I am very serious about what I say and recommend.

This is no different… There really is an
automated marketing system that will do
99% of the work for you.

I was skeptical at first. This type of stuff rarely
(or usually never) works. But I took a closer look
because it ties together with one of my primary

What I learned has really got me excited.

First of all it is operated by a guy who really
knows what he is doing. He spends loads of money
each month on advertising… successfully.

To keep this short this is only part of what
this system has and does:

1) Completely set-up for you, several lead capture
pages, full autoresponder system (that you can
even customize if you want or broadcast to
2) Loaded with 50,000 leads each month
3) You are included in a massive ad coop that
drives major traffic to your lead capture pages
set up for you.

How much does this automated marketing system

Only $2 the first month!

What’s the catch right?

Well, there is a small catch… the thing is that
this automated marketing system that I am talking
about is exclusive only to one business, so you
must be a member of this business in order to use it.

The business is Travelencia, a travel benefits membership
program that helps people save and make big money on

In my opinion this is the business to be in anyway. I am
the #3 top recruiter in the company right now and you can be
assured that if you decide to work with me you will be working
in a solid company with a helpful upline and a duplicatable
marketing system that works!

Your first step is to join Travelencia…
You can learn everything you need to and join here:

Once you are an active member you can take full advantage
of the automated marketing system for only $2 the first month.

To see the full details on the marketing system go here:

Feel free to join the marketing system after you join
Travelencia… or even if you are already a member of

I hope to see you on board soon… if you do decide to join
you will definitely hear from me personally and I will
assist you anyway I can.

To your success,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

P.S. – This business is fun and easy! The 1% of work you need
to do is adding the personal touch by working with the people
you enroll and contacting your prospects who have
already been qualified through the marketing system. These are
serious people who want to hear from you!


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