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Travelencia is a new division of a 20 year old well established travel consolidator with long standing relationships with the major travel vendors around the world!

Travelencia is one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding home based businesses to launch in 2008 with one of the most unique concepts to hit the market and a potential of over ONE BILLION customers and business associates.

The travel industry rakes in an astounding SEVEN TRILLION dollars a year and YOU can now tap into that market for your own personal financial freedom. We are a membership based, benefits organization which provides it’s members with the absolute lowest price on travel…..helping people around the world realize tremendous savings on EVERYTHING from cruises & Airfare to condo stays, sporting events, concerts, hotels, car rentals & many other personal and family related events.

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Our Company is destined to become one of the LARGEST PRODUCERS of home based incomes in the industry for very good reasons. Our Company is:

A member of the Better Business Bureau (10 Years).
Has OVER ONE BILLION potential customers and business associates
TRAVEL INSURANCE - Cancel for any reason. No questions asked.
Weekly Matching Bonus - 4 Generations (Not Levels) 100%,50%,25%,10% Never Been Done Before
4 x 6 Forced Filled Matrix (when full...Pays $12,000+ Monthly)

Save Huge $$$ On Travel.

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No Sponsoring to earn in the Matrix.
Has a Patent Pending product/payplan.
$20 Fast Start Bonus For Each Person You Refer!
Plus $8 Fast Start for 3 generations.
Less than $100 to get started
Unique service: We are the inventors of this service. No one else has it.
Worldwide Payment system to over 200 countries