Get 1,000 Free List Surfing Mailing Credits Every Single Month (plus MUCH more)

My site List Surfing is proud to be one of the newest additions to Downline Builder Elite bonuses – which means as long as you are a member of Downline Builder Elite and active in List Surfing, you can claim 1,000 free List Surfing mailing credits every month!

You do have to pay to be a member of Downline Builder Elite, but you can get a lifetime upgrade for $147 and it’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made…

The upgrade actually comes with 10s of thousands of advertising credits, banner impressions, and text ads you get every  single month from dozens of different mailers and TEs

Currently you will get:

7500 Surf Credits
36,500 Mail Credits
35,000 Banners and Texts Links


Marty keeps partnering with more sites to provide more bonuses all the time, and of course you’ll also get access to those as she adds them in.

That’s an insane deal for a one time payment of $147

And that’s not all, she will even throw in five solo ads to all members of her sites, which are very responsive!

Downline Builder Elite will also help you keep all your referral IDs with downline builders updated so you don’t miss out on potential earnings and referrals.

It’s really a great tool and the free monthly credits make it a must-have… grab it today:

Anti-cheat done your way

I’ve always strived to make sure that my advertising sites provide high quality traffic and results, and one way to ensure that is by preventing any cheaters or automated software from working on my sites.

Besides having some ways to detect bots behind the scenes, the visible anti-cheat has come in the form of a captcha that looks like this:


The problem with having any type of anti-cheat that disrupts a user from their normal tasks is that you must strike a balance between effectiveness and being an annoying obstruction.

Some sites in our industry have no visible anti-cheat at all, and my results have always been very low or non-existent at such sites. Most sites don’t use a captcha but instead have you match an image, and you have to do that after every single ad you view, which I feel is a bit too obstructive.

With my sites I went the captcha route because it is the most difficult to cheat, and instead of having it display after every ad it displays much more infrequently just to ensure that it is still a human at work.

Even a captcha has a downside though, and that comes in the form of their extremely highly secure puzzles that even a human has trouble figuring out.

I’ve made a change to use our default captcha as the Google ReCaptcha which should be the easiest to solve for most people. But I didn’t stop there.. since Google’s Recaptcha is not available everywhere and since many may prefer our original captcha from SolveMedia, you can choose which anti-cheat you want to use in your account profile! I’ve never heard of anyone allowing their users to choose their type of anti-cheat so this is probably a first. Just login to your account and go to your account profile settings and you will see the option “Solve anti-cheat by” and you can you choose either Google’s ReCaptcha or SolveMedia.

Even more, you can switch your preference on the fly.. so if you find yourself having trouble with one in particular, you can change your option.. wait a minute and then refresh and you’ll be solving the new form of captcha.

Anti-cheat done your way is now LIVE on:

Thank you for being an active member of my sites and I appreciate any feedback!

All the best,

Darren Olander

Tested Traffic Source (Great ROI)

I’ve spent the last month testing out a display ad network called LeadsLeap and the results have been phenomenal!

As a Pro member I was able to set up 10 different campaigns.. it has brought me over 300 visitors per week and a nice percentage of those (about 4 to 5%) are converting to signups depending on the campaign…

On top of that I’m also getting sales from these leads.. so this an incredible place to be advertising right now.

Now keep in mind, this is stats BEFORE their official relaunch of version 2 of the system.. this means there is EVEN MORE activity and growth to be had for results this month.

I strongly recommend to join now and grab the very affordable Pro monthly membership.

=> Click here to join

To your success!

Darren Olander

P.S. LeadsLeap officially relaunches on the 16th, but you can get early beta access to the new features right now and start benefiting from the massive growth by getting even more value from your ads.

Make sure to take the Pro membership to start seeing results fast!

Awesome smart-url tracking demo!

Now there is another cool way to see what a smart-url can do without even creating
an account first.

Check out this demo of a smart tracking link

As you can see we’ve automatically attached a viral bar, brander, and exit popup, and for the purpose of the demo we’ve emphasized all the links that will be tracked.

This works great even for multi-page funnels!

To start super-charging your marketing, grab your free trial here

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Smart-url offers a free 7 day trial with no limits so you can fully experience what it can do for you. Once you get started I promise you’ll be hooked!

Start your path to Prosperity with no risk…

The Prosperity Marketing System has been providing a generous team building platform since 2009.

By using the system you are essentially setting yourself up to market your online business like a pro because you get to:

  • Build your own list automatically (through any autoresponder or the system mailer)
  • Customize the system with programs YOU want to promote.
  • Earn a leveraged 100% income from your sales, monthly!
  • Learn step-by-step how to build a real, profitable business online and how to advertise it.
  • Create your own custom landing pages or use our 3 proven capture pages.

Until now, you had to pay your way in to start, but not anymore.

Once you sign-up you can start a 7 day free trial – so there is no risk.. and you can cancel anytime.

This gives you the opportunity to even start referring others and getting paid signups before your trial is over!

If you’ve been holding off, unsure if this system is for you, now there is no reason to wait because you have nothing to lose except this opportunity!

Prosperity Marketing System

Need signups from specific countries? Improved Geotargeting…

If you are promoting a program that only accepts members from certain countries, then the new improved geotargeting at BuildMyDownlines will be perfect for you!

Every member in BuildMyDownlines is now required to select their country, and they will only see offers that are available to their country.

Not sure what I mean about “offers”?

BuildMyDownlines let’s you name your price to get referrals into ANY program you want. That “program” could also just be your autoresponder list.

BuildMyDownlines has thousands of members waiting to join you and be rewarded in either a cash prize or credits.

If you reward credits, you can even build your downlines completely free – just earn some credits yourself first and then spend them on creating your own offers!

Try it out today

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Getting signups doesn’t have to be hard.  Just set up an offer in BuildMyDownlines with a nice reward and see signups flock to you!

We just went live! (look what you can do…)

Troy Wray and I just opened up a new cloud-powered ad tracking system called smart-url!

Smart-url easily tracks your affiliate promotions so you will know WHERE your results are coming from, without even installing any code.

You can set up a smart-url in 30 seconds then customize it with your own popup, viral bar, or brander using ready-to-go  templates.

This is a must-have resource to optimize your advertising campaigns and get more profit from every visitor!

Start using it today for free


MarketingCheckpoint rewards 250 mailing points per post

I have been making some improvements to how Marketing Checkpoint works, and one of those is how many points are earned for each post.. it has increased to a massive 250 points! This will allow you to earn mailings to the list much easier.

To see the rest of the updates, please visit this post.

Expect more coming soon, and I look forward to seeing you at Marketing Checkpoint!

To your success,

Darren Olander

New Mailer Launch with dime sale – act fast for free $2

A brand new pro-only mailer just launched which means
you get to send your email ads to a buyers list…

=> Wild Hog Mailer

Even though it’s paid to join, it’s very cheap for the first
1,000 members, which I like, and then goes up slowly from there.

How much?

The first 1000 members to join only pay $.50 then it goes up 10
cents every 100 members! If you refer anyone you are also
earning 100% commissions on these join prices.

They’ve also integrated with Jollow and a bunch of other rewards
systems to make it very attractive for members to be active.

Plus, be one of the first 1000 members to join and they
will pay you $2.00.. added to your account.

=> Join here

See you there!

Darren Olander

P.S. Remember! Be one of the first 1000
members to join and you’ll start with $2.00 in your
account! Don’t delay…