Yes.. I’m still here!

Well hey there! WOW, I didn’t realize where the days went! It’s been a while since I posted so I wanted to update everyone on what i’ve been so busy on.

Some of you already know.. I am working on a system.. what is a system?

A system can be summarized in a powerful acronym as:

S ave
Y ourself
S tress
T ime
E energy
M oney

Think about it…

Saving Yourself Stress, Time, Energy, and
Money sounds great, right?

The definition of system at
says, “A group of interacting, interrelated,
or interdependent elements forming a complex

The name of this system I am developing will be the AllNetworkers Team System, and YES it will include AllNetworkers as the core program.

I have already created 7 days in the daily training guide with about two dozen instructional videos!  These videos will SHOW you what I do every day in my advertising and marketing :D  Best of all, this system will be available to you for FREE!! Am I nuts? Maybe!

Expect the release and launch of this system soon after the launch of AllNetworkers (which should be soon), I hope to see you on my team, you will LOVE it =) Finally something that NOBODY has taken the effort to do.. I have 😉

I continue to work and add more to this system, I already have 12 days planned out in the daily training guide.. but this guide will ALWAYS continue to grow as I add more strategies and secrets to it, Everything I teach is PROVEN to work and ties in directly with the SYSTEM. My goal is to make success for ALL NETWORKERS… We can do it together! Until next time…
Your Friend,

Darren Olander

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