New Mailer Launch with dime sale – act fast for free $2

A brand new pro-only mailer just launched which means
you get to send your email ads to a buyers list…

=> Wild Hog Mailer

Even though it’s paid to join, it’s very cheap for the first
1,000 members, which I like, and then goes up slowly from there.

How much?

The first 1000 members to join only pay $.50 then it goes up 10
cents every 100 members! If you refer anyone you are also
earning 100% commissions on these join prices.

They’ve also integrated with Jollow and a bunch of other rewards
systems to make it very attractive for members to be active.

Plus, be one of the first 1000 members to join and they
will pay you $2.00.. added to your account.

=> Join here

See you there!

Darren Olander

P.S. Remember! Be one of the first 1000
members to join and you’ll start with $2.00 in your
account! Don’t delay…


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