What Network Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is not the next best thing; it is already generating a healthy amount of sales for businesses. Your target market is no longer chained to a desk when looking for information and shopping online. Handheld devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are being increasingly used by consumers to shop for all kinds of goods and services. Network marketers need to know about mobile marketing strategies so that they can form part of an overall promotional plan.

Mobile Marketing is Growing

Smartphones are a very popular item among consumers and with the number of people who own one predicted to reach 100 million by March of 2012, network marketers can no longer ignore this method of reaching out to prospects at their peril. Marketers now have the capability of reaching out to leads via text message or through other means to get the word out about their opportunity.

Mobile Marketing Allows for (Almost) Instantaneous Contact with Prospects

Most people now have an e-mail account that they check regularly. Rather than waiting for the prospect to arrive at his or her home or office before checking e-mail, mobile devices allow them to send and receive messages on the go.

When you send out messages to your list members, they can be seen and read quickly. This type of (almost) instantaneous communication means that you should be focused on having a clear call to action in each message that your prospect can respond to right away.

Set Up a Mobile-Friendly Website

If you want to include mobile marketing in your network marketing business, you will need to have a mobile-friendly website in place. When your prospects are looking at your site on a smartphone or a tablet, the screen is smaller than with a desktop computer. Keep your design and text simple so that it will appeal to mobile Internet users.

One effective strategy used by mobile marketers that you can adapt for your network marketing business is to put buttons on your site for different functions instead of relying on the keypad as an input device. Including a button which instantly dials your number or brings up your e-mail address can be an effective strategy for keeping in touch with your list members.

QR Codes on Your Marketing Materials Help Interact with Prospects

Another effective way to engage with your audience is with QR (Quick Response) codes. These scannable barcodes can be placed on brochures, signs, flyers and even on your website. When a smartphone user clicks on the code, he or she will receive additional information of your choice. You can link the QR code to a splash page, a video, coupon or other marketing material. Using them gives you the flexibility to share targeted material of your choice with a prospect.


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