We’ve unleashed the big wave…

Matt and I have just made a tidal wave
of a change at ListSurfing.com to help
drive even more massive amounts of traffic
to your site.

If you aren’t a member of ListSurfing yet
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What did we do?

We increased mailing credits earned by 3
times… meaning by surfing List Surfing
you are getting MUCH more exposure and rewards
than any other exchange in existance.

Plus at List Surfing you can now mail two
times more members using the member mailing
system… free members can reach up to 200
per day and ultimate members can reach up to
4,000 every 3 days. This is HUGE!

This is in addition to the guaranteed
surfing rewards, and the daily surf
drawing where you can win hundreds
of additional credits daily!

(and remember you earn unlimited traffic
– currently 10+ hits per url per day –
just for remaining active!) – which
is REALLY easy to do.

We’ve sealed the deal – there is no
better place to surf. Check out the
new and improved (as if it wasn’t awesome
already!) List Surfing…


Have fun!

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – when you join take the One time offer
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