ViralNetworks is Live… Social Networking, Revenue Sharing, and More…

Today I’m writing to share with you a new site that is officially
launching today from Colin Klinkert and Frank Bauer.. a while back
they started ViralURL (you probably heard of it), which turned into
a huge success. Now they’ve done it again with ViralNetworks, which
I have to say is another really awesome creation.

ViralNetworks is a new web 2.0 style social network. Now before
you say you’ve had your share of social networks (which is
impossible), let me show you what is really unique with this one.

The features are awesome, not only can you network with other
contacts in the same industry, which is VITAL for success, we can
also build a Hyper Viral messageboard list through the addition of
an awesome list builder.

The site allows you to build a downline down 5 levels and contact
them via messageboard, as well as this, they also reward you with
10% of the credits earned from everyone in your downline!

Credits are used to determine how much you get in the revenue
sharing pool which means, just from being an active user,
ViralNetworks share their revenue with you! How good is that!

It truly kills all your birds with one stone…
* Built For Online Business Owners
* Network with new contacts, web 2.0 style
* Automatically builds your list
* Rewards you for having fun
* Plenty more….

I use social networks extensively to grow my business… and if you
use them right you can too. The great thing with this technique is..
it’s free.

It doesn’t cost you a dime.

However.. if you want to make some real money, and also mail every
3 days randomly to thousands of their members you will want to take
their upgrade. I’m an Elite member because that will allow me to
send a message to 6,000 members every 3 days! I like this type of
advertising because its as simple as paying a chunk up front and
getting a lot of long term advertising in return. It does pay off,
especially here because I have a feeling this will be a really
responsive list.

So Here’s my deal for you.

When you join for free you will be presented with a decision… to
either stay free or upgrade. If you see the benefits in that upgrade
and you take it, then I’m also going to throw in a bonus for you.

You have to join through my link but when you do and you take the
upgrade I will give you 10,000 bonus credits in my site – This way you get even more effective advertising!

So do this now:

Join ViralNetworks here:

If you choose to take the upgrade then you will need an account
at BuildMyDownlines in order for me to give you the bonus.

You can get a BuildMyDownlines account here if you don’t already
have one:

Lastly.. send in a support ticket with your receipt to claim
the bonus credits. My support desk is here:

I sent this to you because I really believe it will be a wise
decision, whether you join this free and utilize the social networking or
take the upgraded membership and reach the full potential of the site.

To a prosperous new year!

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – you can reach me at my help desk here:

P.P.S. – I will be launching a new site early next month.. so keep
an eye out for it!

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