View mails your way, now at Viral Nugget! (plus reward code)

Many users want to view their mails directly on the site, instead of in their personal email inbox, for both ease of use and convenience.

Because I want to provide the best service possible to my members, we have now rolled out the Email Ad Inbox on Viral Nugget so you can do just that, if you choose.

Now all of my sites have an email ad inbox allowing you to view and earn credits directly within the site, including Viral Nugget:


Did you know with Viral Nugget when you read mails you not only earn mailing credits, but also text and image ad credits too?

Make sure you are getting the most value and take advantage of Viral Nugget for your advertising needs!

And to celebrate this addition to the site, use this reward code inside Viral Nugget under the Reward Codes page to get even more free advertising!

The code is:


Darren Olander

P.S. Watch out for even more improvements coming soon to our ad network for publishers and advertisers. Remember, your text and image ads at Viral Nugget can be displayed on hundreds of sites displaying our widgets and ad blocks, and we’re just getting started!


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