uVme is a potential goldmine!

Casual gaming and uVme is without a doubt the future in online business

Electronic Arts has seen the gobs of money that PopCap and other casual game developers are raking in -and the Wii’s success is directly related to casual gaming, too – and have branched off a specialized development company devoted to casual gaming, EA Casual Entertainment, which will create games for consoles, handhelds, the PC and mobile phones.

Kathy Vrabeck, who was formerly the President of Electronic Arts, stated, “All over the world, consumers are playing games that don’t require hours of intense concentration… The common denominator is casual fun. Whether it will be playing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the Wii with the family or downloading Madden NFL 08 on a phone, quick-to-the-fun games are bringing new players and new demographics to interactive entertainment.”

Casual games is where the real money is, and sometimes where the innovation is as well.

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uVme is in pre-launch and it combines the massive growing trends of casual online games, social networking, and network marketing… if you are not yet a member take a look here. You will be glad to be a part of uVme!

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