Using Video Marketing in Your MLM Business

Are You Using Video to Get New Leads for You MLM Business?

If you aren’t using this strategy to get leads and keep your sales funnel full, you should be! This medium allows you to hook a prospect’s attention and connect with him or her in a meaningful way. It also allows your prospect to see and hear you, which serves to help you establish yourself as an expert. People want to do business with people who they feel are trustworthy and that they have a relationship with, and adding video to your site will help you accomplish this goal.

Get Your Prospect’s Attention

A video allows you to get your prospect’s attention quickly. When a visitor lands on your site, you have at best a few seconds to attract his or her attention; otherwise, they will move on. For some people, stopping to read text on your site is too much of a time commitment.

If you post a video, you are more likely to get the person to stop and click on it to find out more about you and your offer. This strategy can be an effective one even if you are offering something for free. Your goal should be to get the visitor to see your video and have him or her want to learn more.

Video Helps Your Prospect Get to Know You

Using video allows your prospect to see that you are a real person. They are more likely to sign up for your mailing list and open e-mails from you if they feel that they know you. Use video as a way to connect with your prospect and to form the basis of a relationship going forward.

Keep the Message Simple

When you are thinking of using a video to get new leads, keep it short and to the point. If your prospect sees that you uploaded a 20-minute video, he or she is less likely to click on it than if you have limited your message to a minute or two.

If possible, limit the message in your video to one or two key points. You can decide to develop more than one video to connect with your prospect, and release them in succession can help to bring visitors back to you site several times.

Include a Call to Action

When you are planning your video, have a specific purpose for sharing a message with the viewer. What do you want the viewer to do when he or she is finished watching your video? Tell the viewer what you want him or her to do next. Would you like the viewer to sign up for your mailing list, contact you with questions or attend a meeting about your program? Make sure that you share it!

Using video to get new leads is an effective and highly modern way to help you grow your prospect list. Keep your focus on what you want to accomplish and use it to your advantage.

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