Training: How To Write Headlines That Grab!

Training: How To Write Headlines That Grab!
by Darren Olander

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Ok so I decided to write about copywriting because I noticed some people on the forum and also some people messaging me asking about e-mail scripts and ad copy. Now I could probably give you several e-mail scripts that you could use.. but that would be like giving you a fish for a day. What are you going to do when something else comes up that you want to promote? So I decided it would be much more valuable if I give you a brief overview on writing effective ads – this way I am teaching you how to fish and you can feed yourself for the rest of your life! This will be a series and in this first post I am going to teach you about subject lines and headlines.

Now you may wonder, why should I listen to you? Well let me tell you and then we’ll get started. I have spent hours upon hours listening to audio instruction, reading books, and working with top internet marketers on finding out what works! Not only that, but i’ve experienced it myself. One day I am writing ads and they just aren’t pulling, the next day I write a more captivating ad and gets hordes of laser targeted eyeballs jumping on my site! You’d be surprised how writing EFFECTIVE ads makes all the difference.

Are you ready? I hope so! Take notes – or save this so you can review it and make sure your ads are high quality!

The first thing to consider when writing your e-mail message or ad copy is the subject line (you could also call this a headline). The headline should always be CLEAR – it leads the person know if they should pay attention. Believe it or not if you target the right audience they will be interested – if you target everyone nobody will be interested! I have always found a question headline to be very effective, its like a riddle that puzzles you and intrigues you. Remember, the purpose of the subject line or headline is to pull people into reading the first paragraph of your message.

Here are some examples of some headlines, after them I have explained them a little – keep in mind I JUST came up with each of these:

Get Rid Of Your Money Problems Once And For All (Help them get rid of an undesirable trait)
How A Fool Stunt Made Me A Superstar Money Earner (Become really great in something easily)
Who Else Wants To Own A Piece of Myspace, Google, YouTube, and GoDaddy? (Benefit with a significant level of measure and familiarity)
Even A Cave Man Now Has The Ability To Earn Thousands Completely Passively! (A group you wouldn’t assume now is having great success)
Absolutely Everyone Is Now Sharing In This Companies Revenue! (something that is thought of as unlikely or impossible)
Wanted – Your Services As A Revenue Sharing Couch Potatoe (requested services of a wanna-be target market)
Show Your Family A Business You Can Be Proud Of (Use a verb like build, show, get, take something you can be proud of)
If you’ve got 20 minutes a day I will show you how to become a master networker (I use this one VERY successfuly! Write it as give me so much time and i’ll give you unexpected results)
Do you make these mistakes in building your business? (makes them curious as to what mistakes they may be making – of course you have to talk about this in your message)
Do you recognize these 9 early warning signs that your network marketing business will fail? (so many signs of a problem)
You don’t have to be rich to retire on a guaranteed income for life (you don’t have to have a quality to get a desired result)
Announcing A New Way To Make Money Online (a new way to do something.. build a business, share in revenue, etc.)

Remember that good headlines will create curiousity that makes the reader want to read the letter to find out more – that is what you want to accomplish with it! If you wouldn’t open the e-mail then it is likely others wouldn’t either!
Some great words to use are “Discover How” “How to” “Who Else..”

I will teach on the e-mail body in another training post in the near will see that it is important to tie in the message with the subject line you used.

I hope you have enjoyed this and it has helped you think of some great subject lines or headlines!

Darren Olander

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