Training: How to gibLink – Blogs, Classifieds, Clubs, Events, Videos, etc.

Training: How to gibLink – Blogs, Classifieds, Clubs, Events, Videos, etc.
by Darren Olander

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Welcome back! Today I am going to show you how to use the many features within the gibLink community. There is a lot but I am going to cover them briefly because most of how you use them is the same – except they do different things!

Now to view other peoples blogs, classifieds, clubs, events, or videos you simply click on the link provided on the menu when you are logged in.

If you want to create your own I will show you a simple way right now.

First click on “My Profile” from the very top right menu. This will bring you to your profile. On your profile you will see “my options” below this are several options including..

Edit My Profile
My Network
My Bookmarks
My Ignores
My Blogs
My Classifieds
My Events
My Clubs

In this post I am going to concentrate on the last four. My Blogs, My Classifieds, My Events, and My Clubs.

Click on My Blogs. This will allow you to create your very own blog! To get started click on “create blog”. You will be asked to fill in information regarding your blog, make sure the audience is set to everyone for most exposure. Once your blog is created you can always add more posts to your blog simply by going DIRECTLY to your blog page and clicking “add blog post”.

Now lets look at Classifieds. Click on My Classifieds from your profile. This one is very simple, just click “create classified ad” and your ad will be added to all of the classifieds, you can then browse classifieds and you will see yours as the newest. You may want to post classifieds often, but do not always invite your network to view all of them unless it is something new – you want to respect your network and not spam them.

That is the great thing about these features. You can invite your network to view these creations! You definitely should invite them the first time but do not be inviting them to see your classified ad every day.. that is a bit too much and they may delete you from their network or ignore you.

Next is events, this is mostly for offline events but you can also post an online event such as a conference call or web conference, make sure to point that it is online in your title. If it is a regular event, make the date as late as possible. If it is just a one time event specify the exact time.

Next is “My Clubs” you have the ability to create your own club! If you have an idea for a club or a group of people that have common interest – then create it! There may be one for that already though and it is ok to join other people’s clubs and participate.

Now lets talk abut Videos. This is in the menu as “videos” click on that. Here you can see a list of videos people have posted. If you have a video you would like to post click on “my videos” Keep in mind that you can post videos from other networks like youtube simply by using the embed tag! If you allow members to rate your video it will get more exposure. In your description feel free to put your website address to attract customers.

Finally one of the major places you should consistently attend is the Forum. Post here and read here often! In most or all posts try to input your “signature” which contains your name and website address at the end of your message like this:

Darren Olander

Do NOT spam the forums – blatant advertising is not welcome. I hope you enjoy your gibLink membership – I will have more generic training next.

To your success,

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Coach & Mentor
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