The Good and Bad of The Traffic Monopoly

The Traffic Monopoly is a new solo ad training product from Mo Latif and Jaz D. They just launched it this morning so I took the day to really dig in and see what they have to offer.

Here is what I found…

As I mentioned it is a product that teaches about Solo Ads. These are not solo ads that you would see in viral mailers/safelists, instead these are solo ads sold by individuals to their actual autoresponder lists (such as aweber/getresponse) that they have built by getting subscribers. Essentially you can pay these solo ad sellers to send your offer to their list and you will pay per unique click, and depending how many clicks you want to order.

The initial price to purchase the product is $27, and after that they offer several different upsells. Are the upsells worth it? Not sure.. Personally I didn’t grab them and here’s why. One of the upsells was for a Master List of more traffic sources, but what they already provide for the $27 is more than enough, you could happily spend your budget many times over on those sellers. The other upsell was for them to do the work in arranging purchases with the sellers, but it’s really not that hard to order a solo ad yourself.

The training videos were excellent.. especially for anyone who would not know anything about solo ads to begin with. For someone who is familiar with solo ads already they could be helpful to get the best deals.

Someone who is already familiar with solo ads and connected with many sellers may not see the value, because you could find these sellers elsewhere, but…

They say that any sellers they have listed are ones they have personally tested and trust to work well. I can vouch for much of that because I have purchased solo ads from many of the sellers they have listed. So perhaps with this you can avoid sellers who are not honest and might try to cheat you.

They have promoted it as a dirt cheap way to get traffic, but the truth is buying solo ads is not really cheap. You should be prepared to spend at least 40 cents per click, so if you purchase 100 clicks that is $40. Many of the more popular sellers run much higher than that. But, solo ads do have big benefits… you get the traffic very quickly and generally the opt-in rates will be 30-40% if you have a decent landing page.

The solo sellers listed in the site have all made exclusive discounts available just to The Traffic Monopoly buyers which they do not offer to the public, these range from 7% to 67%, so for buying in at just $27 it seems to me to be easy to recover that cost if you plan on buying solos from the vendors.

All in all, I’d say the $27 is worth it, especially if you don’t know what solo ads are – because I use them and recommend that you do, too. You’ll have to decide if the upsells are worth going for.

Did I miss something? Share in the comments below.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. You can grab The Traffic Monopoly here.



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