The easy way to explode your list and sales…

You can keep promoting what you are promoting… but
increase your sales by up to 350% or more AND build
your optin list at the same time.

My friend Bob Beckett recently released his first
product called CovertOptin… It’s a really
simple but awesome idea… I was absolutely shocked
that nobody had thought of it before!

To really do it justice you will want to try out
their live demo to see how it works for yourself…

Basically what it allows you to do is place your
own video and branding and optin form on ANY
website that you are currently promoting…
and no you don’t have to own the website
to do this.. it will work on any affiliate

– You can display a customzied screen when visitors first
get to your site..


– when they attempt to leave.

– You can also add your autoresponder code on the
screen and encourage your visitor to fill it out to build
your list.

If you don’t have your own autoresponder I recommend
Aweber – It’s the most popular and reliable:

Building a list is your MOST IMPORTANT move in
building a successful business online. I can pound this
in again and again but if you do not do it you will
really struggle online…

Using CovertOptin you can start building your list
without changing your marketing too much… and
use it to increase your conversions too!

CovertOptin allows you to use the power of your
very own videos to increase sales and build your

You may say.. but I’ve never created a video in
my life! I hear you… that’s why I’m also going
to recommend another tool that makes creating
video simple and easy.. it’s called EasyVideoProducer:

Using video is PROVEN to increase conversions…
so create video and use Covert Optin to put that
video on any site you are promoting… increase
conversions and build your list in the process
using Aweber. That’s a simple formula for success!

To your super success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – To recap, Here are the links for the tools you need:

CovertOptin (increase conversions and build your list):

Aweber (essential to building and maintaining your list):

EasyVideoProducer (a simple tool to create your own videos):

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