SOTAM Has Explosive Click Rates! (381+ Clicks?)

“State of the Art”? Come on! Right?

We’ve all heard hype before and now usually
such claims are met with rolling eyes.

Such was what I was feeling when I first
got wind of the new mailer called
“State of the art mailer”.

I’ve heard it all before.

But I know the owners and they are good guys,
so I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

I decided to test it for real just to see if it
could live up to its name.

Well, on an average mailing to 5,000 you can
expect an average of 381 clicks.

I got even more than average.. and I’ve gotten
a lot of referrals for my site, so it’s working

Because of this I can safely put my stamp
of approval and recommend that you try it out too:


They already have thousands of members, like over
9,000 (i’m sure much more by now).. so that kind
of reach just can’t be ignored.

They have some pretty unique features in the site
for additional advertising too and I’ve also
gotten signups from those.

To really get the most value from this site make
sure to take the discounted upgrade right away,
that way you can mail thousands of members every
few days, and also have what they call hyperlinked
viral ads rotated.

I have two of these hyperlinekd viral ads and in
this short time they have already received over
128 clicks and many of those have converted into
signups for me…

Grab it now:


Have a great weekend!

Darren Olander

P.S. Make sure to check out the SOTAM Click Rate
Live Stats after you join, this shows the average
click rates.. it’s definitely really cool!


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