Share Your Opinions, Or Find Out What Others Think..

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily check-up on a program,
product, or marketer and see what other people’s opinions and
experiences are before you take a dive into something?

I’m excited to write today because my business partner Matt Koshko
and I have been beta testing our latest site that helps you do
exactly that!

Quick Link >> << Here is how it will benefit you in a nutshell: - You are able to search the site for programs, people, products, etc. and view real opinions and ratings made by our members on those listings. - If you are first to post a new listing you can attach your affiliate link for that program or product! This means when anyone goes to that listing to post their opinions or just by finding it in the search engine they may click on the link and YOU will benefit. We are already getting search engine traffic to benefit our users! - It is all community generated content, your opinions, your ratings.. everything you do links back to you and your community profile. This helps you build respect within the community and meet other members with ease! - You get complete FULL use of the site for free, We don't charge you to do anything on the site, so keep your money! Help us give back and provide value to all online marketers... >> << This is what you need to do: 1. Go to the site and register for free. 2. Go to reviews and make a search for your favorite (or not so favorite) programs, products, people etc. 3. If it doesn't find a current listing then make sure to add a new listing! Once we approve the listing you will be able to write your own review. (we must approve to make sure there are no duplicates or spam) Note: A listing is a placeholder for all reviews.. we do not allow duplicate listings. If you are first to post a listing on a program (or something else) you can include your affiliate link and everyone participating on that listing will see it.. Forever! If you find an existing listing make sure to add a new review, you can rate the program, product, person, etc. and write your personal opinions. Everyone's participation will help all marketers make wiser decisions as we share our experiences! >> << Thank you and Enjoy! Darren Olander Marketing Consultant P.S. - This site is free and doesn't have an affiliate program, but your business contacts would be very happy to be invited to check it out, so please share so we can help everyone make better informed decisions!

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