Selecting the Perfect Affiliate Product in 3 Easy Steps

Affiliate marketing success totally relies upon finding the right affiliate product. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you send to a website; if the product isn’t right for your market or isn’t converting well, you won’t make any commissions at all. That’s why it’s key to find the right product to promote. Many new affiliate marketers make the mistake of selecting a niche and then picking any product they can find to meet the needs of the niche. However, since product selection is so important, here are three things that you need to remember when you are choosing your product to promote.

1. Evaluate the sales letter.

The first exposure your referrals will get to the product in question is the sales letter. If the sales letter is of poor quality, looks too high pressure, has misspellings, bad graphics..etc, it won’t convert well for your traffic. Take a look at the sales letter. Would you buy from this seller? Would you feel comfortable spending money on a product from this sales letter? You have to look at the sales letter through your audience’s eyes. If you trust it, they’ll be likely to trust it and you’ll be more likely to convert sales. Read through it several times to be sure that the copy is persuasive, the graphics look good and the sales letter has trust building elements (like testimonials, guarantees, etc).

2. Evaluate the product.

Don’t think for a minute that you can find success as an affiliate marketer without purchasing and evaluating the product you are about to promote. Although you can get by somewhat with just reading the sales letter and reading other reviews, that can only get you so far. If you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing, you need to purchase the product that you can promote. Buying the product yourself will give you more insight into the product contents and allow you to create better quality promotional material. For example, you’ll be able to write better articles about the product if you’ve actually read it. You won’t have to guess about its main points and advice. You’re less likely to create contradictory promotional material if you know what is already in the product.

3. Check out the competition.

Every niche and product that is worth promoting will have some competition. Don’t let the process of checking out the competition frighten you or scare you away. If you want to see what you are up against, you have to look at the competition. One of the best ways to do this is to type the product name or the product name + review into Google. Pay close attention to the AdWords column on the right hand side. If there is a full column of ads related directly to the product, it’s a safe bet that other people are having success promoting the product. Since they are spending advertising dollars on their own affiliate site, you know they are seeing a return on that investment.

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