Reminder: It will be gone soon, act now or never…

I hope your holidays are going great
and that Christmas was awesome!

Earlier this month you may remember a message
I wrote about Viral Mail Profits – it
launched and it’s credit based mailer
went into pre-launch.

Basically in a nutshell what this
program helps you do is:

1. Be more efficient with safelists
or list builders by helping you keep
an organized list and reminder system
to let you know when its time to mail.

2. (soon) Use its very own in house
credit based mailer to get even more

You can get it here:

Their credit based mailer portion of
the site is currently in pre-launch, but
when they open it up (in Jan) I’ve been told they
will be removing their insane Lifetime
Membership option completely. (once they open
the mailer the lifetime upgrade option is

If you grab their Lifetime Membership option
all you do is pay an incredibly low one time
price.. and you will have the ability to mail
their super fast growing membership regularly
every month – for life!

This means HUGE return on value, and
I have no doubt this will be a highly
effective advertising resource for you…
and years from now you could still be cashing
in from this decision.

Many of you already grabbed this, so
congratulations and much thanks! If you
haven’t, take the time to review the
Lifetime upgrade option immediately
after you join for free (you must do
this before the end of the month or it
may be gone), and seriously
consider it:

Happy Holidays!

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – I am able to generate dozens of prospects
daily using upgraded accounts at list builders – which
is extremely cheap and profitable, but
a lifetime account? WOW – That’s incredibly valuable..
and soon it will be removed, so start the new year

P.P.S. – Remember the credit based mailer portion
of the site does not open until sometime January, but
you can enjoy the other awesome features until then!
(it’s much more than a list builder)

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