(Pre-Launch) Brand New Concept In List Building…

I’m excited to write today to tell you about my latest site. This
is taking the concept of list building sites to a whole new level!

If you want to get your messages read and you want results in your
email advertising then you need ListJumper!

List Jumper is the newest concept in list building. Even if you
refer absolutely nobody you can still mail to fresh responsive
members on a regular basis.

What’s the catch? We’ll get you jumping! The more you jump the more
people you can reach through your mailings because your mail is
sent to people below you in a constantly growing straight line.

That’s the incredibly unique idea behind List Jumper, you can
improve your ranking in the list by reading mail and jumping each
day. You could easily reach the very top of the list… Can you do
that in any other list site? Not until now!

Take a good look!


People will continue to be jumping onto this fast, which means the
sooner you lock in your spot the more people will be joining below
you in the line.

I’m getting a lot of comments from people loving the site and
concept, so I think you will too:


To your success!

Darren Olander
Network Marketing Consultant

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