One Mailing. 45 Signups. Find Out Where…

The title is no joke.. I really did send One Mailing to a
list NOT owned by me of 2,500 members and generated 45 sign-ups
from it.

It also only literally took me one or two minutes to log-in and send
the message. 45 sign-ups for 2 minutes of work…

Not bad, right?

If you know me, I LOVE to track different sources and share the results.
This is exciting for you as a subscriber to my list also because you
get to hear REAL results from real campaigns. I spill the beans 🙂

You probably want me to get right to it, so I will.

MyViralSurfer recently launched, its a viral advertising site, but
just a couple days ago it opened up its mailing system. Since I’m
an upgraded member of the site (I took the offer after signup), I am
able to mail to 2,500 members every 3 days. So I sent an advertisement
for my new site – the exact message I sent
is actually the very first e-mail copy example provided in the
members area of InstantTrafficSecret. This means these results are

The Results:

I gave it two days.. in fact some signups MAY still trickle in but
very few more if any. The final number is 45 sign-ups. Out of those
45 sign-ups i’m actually seeing duplication already and I have several
members on my 2nd level and 3rd level… so not only was the list
responsive in the way of getting direct signups, I am also getting
indirect sign-ups as a result! GROWTH!

My Conclusion? If you aren’t a member of MyViralSurfer you NEED to be.
Great advertising is something you should never pass up, especially
since I’ve already proven to you that it’s working for me.

Obviously depending on your e-mail copy you will get different results,
however no matter how you look at it.. you can’t get much better than this.

Not a member of MyViralSurfer yet?

GREAT! Join here:

I’ll even give you a special offer you’ll only get from me…

Take advantage of the offer when joining at MyViralSurfer, which will
enable you to simply log-in every 3 days and send your message to
random members (just like I did).. and I will GIVE you 10,000
advertising credits on my site

All you need to do to get the bonus is send a support ticket to me with your
MyViralSurfer receipt and BuildMyDownlines member ID#.. then i’ll
add the credits to your account… easy! You must however join under
my link to get this bonus.

FIRST join MyViralSurfer under me:

(Remember to take the offer when joining if you want my bonus!)

SECOND join BuildMyDownlines if you are not a member yet:

Lastly… USE the sites and get RESULTS!

All the best,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – Remember.. these results are from just sending ONE mailing..
I can send a mail to random members on MyViralSurfer every 3 days
with my upgraded membership… If I get similar results or even a
fraction of the results over a year imagine how many sign-ups that
will generate me? That’s right.. A LOT. Don’t miss out.

P.P.S. – To send a support ticket go here:

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