Now you get even MORE free…

A couple days ago I wrote about the launch of
List Effects, a really cool new list builder and
giveaway combo.


Now I have something even more to make your
membership in List Effects that much more worthwhile!

I have a free promo code to give you that will give
you 500 mailing credits, and 2 banner ads instantly!

To claim is simple, once you are a member simply
login and go to the advertising section and enter
promo code: newmember

Plus remember with your membership you are getting $1,000’s
worth of gifts and free advertising, just for joining
List Effects for free!



Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. Pay very close attention to the upgrade offer you’ll see
when you first login. Growing your business is real
easy with List Effects and the upgrade offer is an
incredible bargain that you could easily make pay for itself
within days.

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