New Credit Mailer Option: Email More People, Starting Now!

The guys at ViralURL have done something very interesting that I wanted to make sure you hear about.

You may know of ViralURL, it was one of the first ever list mailers and has been an industry leader since. They have spent over $25,000 just on their mailing technology that rivals many auto responders, but there has always been a problem, the cost to get going was always out of most people’s reach…

…until now …

They have added a credit mailer option in ViralURL giving you the ability to mail 6,000 real people every month, for a very small investment…

Watch their short video right now

Here is what you will be ale to do:

* Email 1,000 people in the next few minutes

* Receive 200 email credits each and every day

* Email real, active users

* Incentivized clicks for higher CTRs

* Earn 20 email credits for each link you click (only available with this membership add-on they created)

I’ve used ViralURL for years because they have built a massive list, and now there is even more reason to be using it…


To your success,

Darren Olander

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