Risk vs Reward (Grab my exclusive ListJoe bonus!)

One of the things I believe holds us back from truly reaching our full potential online is being too safe… not risking enough.

Even if you’re not a program owner yourself I think you can relate and learn from this, so I wanted to share…

Have you ever looked at the most successful list mailers, the most successful traffic exchanges, the most successful ___ (fill in the blank) sites and noticed how the majority of those sites are either on custom scripts or unique mods, have insanely good quality graphics, and possibly even employees working for them?

The owners of these sites also have plastered their ads all over the place, haven’t they?

In order to get there, they had to spend a lot of money, didn’t they? They had to risk a lot.

Think about this, and actually pause:

Do they spend a lot of money because they are successful, or are they successful because they were willing to risk a lot of money?

Making you think?


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it requires huge pockets to be successful online, I know I started small.. but being willing to invest real money into your business shows commitment and the fact that you’re being serious, doesn’t it?

I was just looking at top rankings for list mailers, and I couldn’t help but notice a couple of the sites that are constantly ranked highly.. and their owners… Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney.

When they build a site they don’t cut any corners.
I can bet they spend A LOT of money.

They are now part of the admin team of the new re-launched List Joe, which just opened today.

If you didn’t know, List Joe was at one time the largest and most popular list mailer… but it had issues, even before  it was recently hacked and the site was completely lost.

The support was poor, and because of it I didn’t support it.

With Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney now part of the ownership, they will be handling support and making things right for anyone who had lost an upgraded account.

Having them taking care of that, as well as having added a bunch of great features to List Joe, it has restored by confidence and I’m proud to say it’s back and highly recommended!

My Exclusive List Joe Launch Bonus

If you join through my link for free, I will throw in 5k BuildMyDownlines.com Mailing Credits, but if you upgrade, I will give you 50k instead.

Bigger Risk (so to say), Bigger Reward.

I do highly recommend to grab the upgrade because the advertising WILL be effective, and your business is worth it.

So here is what to do:

1. Join List Joe:

==> http://darrenapproved.com/recommends/listjoe

2. Upgrade in List Joe and get 10x the Bonus credits in BuildMyDownlines – to claim either just send me a support ticket to http://mymembersupport.com with your BuildMyDownlines ID number and List Joe

3. Enjoy and make sure to send out your first email ad in List Joe right away!

Final question… are you being TOO safe with your online business? Comment below and let me know what you think…

To your success,

Darren Olander

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