Look what we’ve done now!

It’s a proud day for me… the re-launch of one of my favorite concepts in email advertising…

List Jumper! (created by Matt Koshko and myself)

List Jumper just looks better and better in it’s old age, doesn’t it?

Plus, we’ve added some really awesome features, like a daily consecutive bonus.. so the more loyal you are in using List Jumper, the more rewards you will receive.

This not only benefits you to earn free advertising, but also to get your ads seen.. and gets you more RESULTS from your advertising.

Matt Koshko and I will give you a reward code just to get started, first signup, then claim reward code: NEWJUMPER to get even more credits for your activity!

Join now.

To your success,

Darren Olander

P.S. Oh yea, we ALREADY have over 8k ACTIVE members and growing really really fast, that you can reach IMMEDIATELY.

Grab an upgrade and you can potentially reach them all today 😉

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