Is Sweeva SOTD Worth It?

A new feature you would have noticed inside Sweeva is the Site Of The Day (SOTD) which you can bid against other users and the highest bid of credits gets their site seen as SOTD for, well, a day of course!

I can definitely see some Pros and Cons to this, but I wanted to do some math first to see how it stacks up against just regular bidding to get your site seen… because in recent history for SOTD it takes anywhere from 8,000 – 30,000 credits for you to win SOTD!

So this is what I did…

I figured I would be extremely generous on the side of supporting SOTD by being extremely low on my calculations for bidding.

At a high point of day at Sweeva you can expect to spend on average 150 credits to get your site displayed once. On that once display you can get 40 views or so at a high point of day, and 30 or so at a low point of day. So I decided to just go with 150 credits and you get 30 views, again to favor SOTD in this comparison.

Well, in normal bidding then, you can spend 3,495 credits (if being generous, you actually should spend much less) and get 700 views.

But the SOTD is receiving around 700 views the whole day. Does this mean the SOTD is only worth, at most, 3,500 credits?

Would you spend 7,000 credits or more to get those 700 views when you could get 1,400 using normal bidding?

Would you spend 14,000 credits or more to get 700 views on the SOTD when you could get 2,800 using normal bidding?

28,000? Some have.

But it comes down to interpretation of the quality of these views, because like I said there are pros and cons.

With SOTD you are in the spotlight, and will most surely receive the most UNIQUE viewers for the day.

Without SOTD (and just normal bidding), you would receive far more views but they would be duplicate views. Many people would see this as a good thing since multiple exposures to the same people is good when branding through TEs.

What do YOU think? Let me know…

Darren Olander

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