I had an amazing experience!


The other night I was literally blown away as I saw a new type of
duplication system in place that encourages the members to follow
just one simple income producing activity (that you are trained on,
and its easy!). The system takes care of the rest (99%).

First we attended the opportunity overview call… done with
absolute professionalism.

Next the guests were directed to a live web conference, where they
asked questions and showed sincere interest. The answers were

The next part was what motivated me and showed me that this
incredibly simple system works better than anything I have
experienced before…

I saw live as these prospects said they were amazed by the level of
support our company provides to its members and the simple and
effective system in place… and I saw as several guests said they
were joining that very moment. As a rejoicing for them and the unique
opportunity we have at hand there was a flood of congratulations
and excitement in the room as we welcomed these new members to our

But look, I can’t even do it justice. It is much more powerful than
you can even read about. You need to experience it yourself.

I want to invite you to experience it TONIGHT. If not tonight then
let me know you will attend it tomorrow (or sooner then later).

Go here to get the details:


I will be there to greet you, and if you see what I see and you
believe this can help you reach your goals too.. then I will be
more than happy to welcome you to my team and put you on track to

To your success,

Darren Olander
The #1 Top Recruiter in Travelencia

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