Huge Launch Right NOW!

I just got back from vacation – I was in Honolulu,
Hawaii. I spent a week there and it was absolutely
fantastic – snorkeling, kayaking, hiking (diamond
head), and of course.. the beach!

I was scared I would miss this launch though, and
so I was actually pre-placed into the matrix… but
luckily the launch was not during last week but it
is today – right this minute!

It’s called Home Wealth University, founded by a
very experienced online business owner. HWU will
consistently provide top training from leading
experts on making money at home with powerful
interviews and tutorials.

As I said I was pre-placed so I’m one of the
lucky few to get in first – and you can be right
on with me to take most advantage of the growth.

I’m with a team of highly successful leaders who can
bring in combined several thousands of paying members
in the next few weeks…

Here are some quick main points of the payplan:

* Double Acceleration 3×6 Matrix – No sponsoring required
* Expand it to 3×7 with some qualifications
* 4 generation of matching bonuses – THIS IS HUGE!
* Monthly Leadership Bonus Pools
* $25 Fast Start Bonus on your referrals paid weekly

Double Acceleration Matrix…that means everyone gets 2 spots
in the matrix…one following their enroller and one following
the company, so it fills twice as fast and maximizes the spillover.

2 positions in the matrix with 1 membership. Earning Potential
without recruiting anyone is $982 a month in the matrix for each
position, so since everyone will have two positions, we can make up
to $1965 a month, with no enrollment qualifications. But with the
huge potential who wouldn’t want to share this with others?

To make that easy, You also get a whole turnkey marketing system that
will make growing your team a snap.

You can take a free tour now to get more info…

I would recommend to upgrade as soon as possible to LOCK in
your position. If others upgrade before you they will be
above you in the matrix… so take advantage of the timing!

All the best,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – this will be one of the biggest launches this year..
definitely one you do not want to miss out on! At the very
least take a free tour to see what is in store..

P.P.S. – Remember to upgrade right away – we are on a fast
growing team and to benefit the most you need to lock in
your position!

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