How to Use Content to Upsell Customers

The expression “Content is king” exists for good reason. Good quality content can lead to a higher ranking for your website on the major search engines. Once visitors land on your site, the content you provide can provide relevant information and spur them to take action, which includes open up their wallets to make a purchase. If you have mainly focused on finding and nurturing qualified leads for your marketing business, make sure you don’t ignore the importance of using content to upsell customers.

Use Content as an Add-on to Your E-mail Messaging

Part of your marketing efforts with your list of e-mail subscribers is to communicate with them regularly. Along with your usual short message that you are sending out at regular intervals, consider providing your subscribers with some relevant content that is not available on your website or elsewhere. An easy way to do this is to prepare a short report focused on a specific topic that your subscribers would be interested in or a problem they are trying to solve. You could also consider providing them with a case study or a solutions manual, if this type of content is relevant to your business efforts.

On the face of it, it may not make much sense to provide free information to your e-mail list subscribers, but this is an investment that is well worth your while. The content you provide can help your customers get to know your company, and make them feel that they can trust you. When the time comes that they are ready to make a buying decision, they are more likely to think of you since they have already received something of value at no cost to them.

Blog Content Helps You Share Product Information

Another effective way to use content to upsell customers is through your business blog. The tone is more conversational than on your website, and you can use this platform as an opportunity to interact with visitors to your site. Use it to post information about new products, and to address specific problems or concerns your buyers may have.

Keep in mind if you’re going to mention a problem or an issue on your blog, you should also offer solutions to them. It’s a very simple matter to discuss problem X and recommend product Y and Z to solve it.

Another helpful strategy is to keep track of types of items which your customer base is buying together. It may make sense to offer these as a package to buyers, but to also add something else to round out the package to encourage your customers to buy more.

Using content is an add-on to your e-mail messaging and developing blog content that can help to share information and promote your products are two effective ways that you can use content to upsell customers. Keep in mind that people that go online are hungry for good quality information, and these strategies will pay off for you.

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