How to Make Your Landing Pages Even Better

If your goal is to make your landing pages even better, you will need to spend some time analyzing it from the site visitor’s point of view. To be effective, all the elements on the landing page must work together to not only provide the site visitor information needed to make a decision, but direction on how to take the next step and respond to your call to action.

Decide What You Want Your Landing Page to Accomplish

A good way to approach this part of preparing your landing page is to decide what you want the site visitor to do at the end and work backwards from that point. In other words, start with setting a specific goal for each landing page.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is User Friendly

People who are online want to be able to access information quickly and if your landing page takes too long to load, they are going to click away before you even had a chance to present your offer. Resist the urge to include pop-ups in your landing page, since this will add to the time it takes to load.

Another way you can make sure your landing page is user-friendly is to offer clear instructions to the person who lands on it. Tell your site visitors exactly what you want them to do next and what will happen when they take that step. If you have a button for placing an order or signing up for your mailing list, indicate this with short, direct instructions. All you need is a couple of words or a short phrase, such as “Click here to order now,” to get the point across.

Explain Your Offer Thoroughly

When you are trying to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages, you need to put yourself in the place of the person who is reading your copy for the first time. Make sure you’re providing enough information so that your reader can make a decision about whether to respond to your call to action.

Even though you are very familiar with your offer, the person reading your text isn’t. Don’t skip steps or fail to cover all the bases you need to when sharing your information.

Anticipate Objections and Deal with Them

Part of your job as the person who effectively needs to sell your site visitor on why he or she should say “Yes” to your offer to take the next step is to deal with objections. Since you will not be interacting with your site visitor face-to-face to deal with possible objections, you will need to anticipate the objections in advance and make sure that your copy provides the information necessary to deal with them.

If you follow these steps to make your landing pages even better, you will find that you are achieving better results on your site. Always make sure that your focus is on the person who will be visiting you online, and you will achieve the results you are looking for.

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