How one change more than doubled my conversions overnight…

Hey friends!

This is a screen shot of a quickie split test I just completed:

As you can see, it is simply two different days.. because I knew I could find out rather quickly what was the best converting page.

Here is what I did…

EVERYTHING was left the same (text ad copy, keywords) except for the landing page. On day one I used landing page one, On day two I used landing page two.

I am targeting existing network marketers typing keyword search phrases (into the search engine) related to other network marketing companies. In this test it was keywords related to GDI.

Ok, so these are my two landing pages (click them to view in new window):

Landing Page 1 (tested on April 5th as shown above)
Landing Page 2 (tested on April 6th as shown above)

Landing Page 1 has and continues to perform very well on List Builders and Traffic Exchanges, I kind of have a bias towards that page because I love it 🙂

But – I also know that being really direct and in the mindset of your visitor is really powerful, and that advertising via PPC on search engines is quite different than list builders or traffic exchanges. Landing Page 2 was created because of this.

So I tested the two of them… and within only testing each page for one day, you can see that Landing Page 2 has WAY outperformed landing page 1.

Let me walk you through the stats shown in the picture:

Clicks & Impressions – I actually got less traffic and impressions, but as you’ll see that didn’t matter. Plus this has nothing to do with anything, there were just more internet traffic the day before for the keywords I was advertising on.
CTR – This is click-through-ratio, the higher the better because that would mean your ad requires less impressions to get the click. In here you can see my CTR is actually very low – and the reason is because over half of my advertising is on the content network where CTR is going to be low. For direct search traffic the CTR is much higher, but this is an overall average for the whole campaign. Anyway, this statistic does not mean anything because the text ads were NOT changed.. meaning this is just a variance from day to day.
Total Cost – I spent slightly less…

But here’s where it gets really interesting:

Conversion Rate – This is how many people actually signed up to my site after landing on the landing page. As you can see… the increase is 188.4%! Wow!
Cost per Conversion & Total Conversions – Obviously because more of the people landing on the page filled out the form to join, It drastically lowered my cost per signup and also more than doubled the amount of signups, all for LESS money than I spent the day before.

What can you learn from this?

You need to get into the mindset of your market and your exact visitor. This doesn’t just apply to PPC advertising, it applies everywhere.

If you are advertising on List Jumper or List Surfing, talk to THEM (make a specific page – example: “Hey List Surfing surfer!”).

Personally, I love the look of the page and video better on my first landing page, but it did HORRIBLE on adwords traffic.. and the second one did much better simply because it screams
GDI and there is CONSISTENCY. The consistency travels all the way through the process.. they search or are on a website related to GDI, they click on an Ad that mentions GDI, they land on the landing page that mentions GDI, and they are highly more likely to join my system because of it.

Plus, this is another reason to ALWAYS test your ads. You can be often wrong in your guess of which page is going to perform better, so rely only on the REAL measurable statistics.

Comment and let me know what you think, or if you have any input or questions on something I may have left out!

Until next time,

Darren Olander


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