GRIN Update

New Additions to Make You GRIN!
Hello! As promised I said I would be working on many new tools for you to use in your marketing efforts. It is taking longer than expected but I still have finished A LOT for you to use.

I have made 6 new sales pages for GDI.

They are as follows:

(simply replace the 2nd “grinteam” with YOUR GRIN username)

and of course we still have our old sales page, which makes #7:

In addition to those sales pages I am working on lead capture pages that will link directly with them.

I have made a total of 13 new lead capture pages to use with the first two sales pages. This is only the beginning because I need new ones to link with the other sales pages.

The ones redirecting to Sales Page 1 are as follows:

The Lead capture pages redirecting to Sales Page two are as follows:

And remember we still have the original 13 lead capture pages that are used with the “opportunit” sales page! Just login to your members area to see the links.

I will be updating the members area very soon, we have big changes ahead of us =)

To Our Success,


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