GRIN Team Update August 13

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The Elite GRIN Marketing Team Update
“Smilin’ Faces Are Goin’ Places!”
I have exciting news for you this week!
In this update:
  • Updated Website Script
  • New “Private” Page for your GDI downline
  • Updated GRIN System Steps
  • What do you need?
Updated Website Script
Keeping our software and script up to date is of high importance to running our system as smoothly as possible. We are now using version 1.732.  You are now redirected to a logout page after you log out of the members area.
New Private Page
I have identified a missing component that has now been added to the system. It is a replicated website to send to your downline after they signup under you in GDI. Send all of your GDI frontline members to the following url to register for GRIN – – Replace “grinteam” with your username. This link can also be found in the Promo Tools section under Affiliate Links for your convenience.
This is how your prospects go through our System.
  1. They sign up through one of our lead capture pages provided for you.
  2. They are directed to the opportunity page where they are presented with the sales page (they are also added to our autoresponder which will follow-up with a series of e-mail messages on your behalf)
  3. They join GDI through your link
  4. You receive a congratulations notice from GDI on their enrollment. Now you must send them an e-mail to the address provided and give them the link above so that they can enroll in GRIN through your link.
  5. Your new member joins GRIN and does the same thing, creating a growing downline for themselves and you through our training and recruiting system.
Updated GRIN System Steps
The following steps have been updated to adjust with changes in our tutorials – Step 2.1, Step 2.15, and Step 3.1
What do you need?
I know that everyone loves their favorite radio station WII – FM (Whats In It – For Me?). In order to totally feel satisfied that I have delivered exactly what you want and need month after month I am asking you what you are looking for! If you have any suggestions, or anything specific that you would like to learn, just send in a help desk submission and let us know.
I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.
I know that providing the perfect solution for all of my members so that they can duplicate what I already do successfully will be much more effective than trying to do all the work myself.
Keep up the great work, and remember that I am here to guide you!
Darren Olander
Founder of GRIN
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