GRIN Team Update Aug. 10th


Its time to discuss a new addition to the GRIN Team Members area! I have been testing InstantBuzz text ads for over a month now, and now you can view 16 of our best pulling ads at after you login. With this you will see the exact html text ad, the number of impressions, the number of clicks it received, and finally the total conversion!

I have seen the value in creating camtasia video tutorials and thus this will be our new direction in our training. Very soon you will be seeing many videos added to GRIN that you can watch and hear so you know exactly what you can do to drive traffic and increase sales! Somebody would have to be crazy to cancel from our team.. and that is why we have such high retention rates.. continuous value added every single week for free!

Motivational Quote

Failure is not about insecurity. It’s about lack of execution. Start focusing on our goals and we will achieve it!

Funny Joke

There were three blondes driving down a hill. Suddenly the girl driving realized that her brakes were gone. They all started screaming and telling themselves they were going to die. Then one girl noticed a sign. She Said, “Oh! Don’t worry there’s a stop sign down there!”

Coming Soon…

Stay tuned to see the very first video introduction addition to the GRIN Members area! Will be followed by dozens of training videos to help YOU succeed.

To Your Success,

Darren Olander

Founder Of GRIN

P.S. – after moving to California a year ago I was finally able to do some exploring. We had a great time and I thought some of you may want to see a few of the pictures from Monterey, California – These are from the aquarium =)


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