GRIN Team Update

GRIN Team Update

Lead capture pages 12 and 13 have been added

12 focuses on bringing in pre-existing GDI members and 13 is for a “new” marketer or opportunity seeker.

In the last few days I have not “created” much but I have put together plans for what is to be added in the near future. These are my plans…

I have decided that we have 4 major target markets these are:

  1. Never before Internet Marketer

  2. Average Marketer

  3. Experienced Marketer

  4. Current GDI Members (or members of other business opportunities)

I am writing a sales page unique to each of these prospects, with unique lead capture pages and ad copy to most effectively target each of these.

I will be creating many more lead capture pages and “pairing” each with example text ad copy that could effectively be used to draw people to the lead capture page and then directly into the unique sales page!

I am considering converting “GRIN Main” to a central site and creating a new GDI specific training site. This means that GRIN would be more generic in the ability to promote any business.. and the GDI specific section is geared exactly for GDI members, this way GRIN can easily expand into other business opportunities when the time comes!

When should these new ideas be implemented?

You can expect to see most of the development between Sept 13-21 of this month. I will be able to put dedicated time aside to creating quality lead capture and sales pages and redesigning the site 🙂

To Our Success,

Darren Olander

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