gibLink Profile Setup in 10 Easy Steps!

Today’s Training: Training: How To Set-Up Your Giblink Profiles
by Darren Olander (GRIN Team Founder & Mentor)

If you are not a gibLink member yet you can learn more and join here.
Easily the most important aspect to setting up your giblink community membership is to set up your profiles. Yes.. I said PROFILES. The amazing thing with giblink is it offers you not just one, but three different profiles! I will teach you what you want to put on these profiles to maximize profit and exposure.

Lets get started…

1) Click on “My Giblink” from within your giblink community. Or go to this url:…handshakes

2) This is your giblink COMMUNITY control center. Here you will be able to view everything going on with your giblink community account. The very first thing you need to do is click on “add photos”. Or go to this url:…ction=edit

3) From your photo page you need to upload a photo. Profiles with photos will get 70% MORE exposure than profiles without a photo.. so doing this step is CRITICAL. If you do not have a photo of yourself then find a photo somewhere on the web and upload that. To upload a photo click “browse” and find the file. As caption simply enter your name. Check the box to make the photo your main photo. Now click upload. Your photo will be uploaded now, congratulations!

4) Now click “edit my profile” or go this url:…n=settings

5) The first thing you need to do here is update your account settings. Make sure your first name and last name are in the fields.

Allow these members to contact me EVERYONE – Make sure this is set to everyone because then when people invite you to be your friend they are able to send you a message, it also will actually allow you to get more exposure because they may have trouble adding you as a friend if you do not choose everyone.

Click the first save changes box

6) Now make sure your basic profile is inputted – this is your address, gender, birthdate and your preferences. click save changes and CONTINUE.

7) You should now be at your editing section for your Business Profile. If you aren’t go to this URL:…n=business

Show my business profile to: EVERYONE – This again is important to increase your exposure.

Business Name: Either put in your name or your primary business name
Industry: For most people it will be marketing

Company Website: put the address of your main primary business here (or your grin team referrral url if you are a grin team member)

Areas of expertise: put in any keywords that describe what you are good at or excel at.

Professional Title: You may leave this blank or fill in your “title”

Other Businesses: Simply enter the NAME of the businesses, not the URLs

Other Blogs, Websites, or Webpages: here you will want to enter any other websites that you are a member of – this time enter the URLs

Press Article links: not many people will use this – you can skip it

Business Profile Overview (enter your content directly or insert Flash or HTML): What you will want to do is copy and paste html into this field. To do this you can go to your website or a website you are promoting select the text or images and right click on your mouse and then select copy. Go back to the field and right click again and push paste. This will easily input the html into the field! If you are advertising GRIN Team on your business profile like me you can feel free to copy what I have and paste it on your own business profile. Make sure that the html is professional looking and catchy – you want it to grab peoples attention! DO NOT ADVERTISE MORE THAN ONE BUSINESS HERE – WHEN PEOPLE SEE TOO MUCH THEY GET CONFUSED AND WILL NOT BE INTERESTED IN ANYTHING – EXPECT THEM TO TAKE ONE ACTION!

Once you are done click save changes and continue.

8. You now need to edit your professional profile. Make sure you are at this url:…n=personal

Again, you want to show your professional profile to EVERYONE!
Display name is your full name.
You are able to add sound or video if you have the url for that – otherwise skip.
For current company add the company from your business profile – or one that you are working for. Fill in any of the other fields that you feel need to be filled – it is pretty similar to your business profile.

Professional Profile Overview (enter your content directly or insert Flash or HTML): for this field you will want to insert ABOUT YOU. Type up a few paragraphs or a page and put it into this field. Talk about how you came into network marketing and what you expect to do.. talk about how excited you are about your current business and then give them a url to go to. For an example of this check my profile. Once you are done click save changes and continue.

9. Now you should be at your social profile editing options:…ion=social

The forms are very straightforward, simply enter what you feel.
Social Profile Overview: For this area it is very similar to your profesional profile except here you will want to connect with them further and let them know about your other businesses or interests. Your social profile is the most relaxed profile of them all – be very casual. Once you are done click save changes!

10. Personalize profile. You should personalize your profile by choosing a template. To do this click on Personalize profile or go to this url:…ersonalize

Simply choose a theme and click save changes – this will be applied to your full profile.

Congratulations on setting up your profiles! The best way to decide how you want to display your profile is by looking at others and seeing what they are doing. There will be more training on WHY I had you set up your profiles like this in the near future.

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