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One of the biggest secrets to creating a life of wealth, as well as personal and professional satisfaction, is to find ways to turn the things you enjoy into an income.

Think of all the entrepreneurs out there who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars from their hobbies online. They simply took something they enjoyed, and they found a way to make money with it.

Someone who is knowledgeable about and loves model airplanes could easily make the jump from a hobbyist to a business owner with just a little motivation and some startup cash. Over time, a specialized hobby shop – owned by an enthusiast – is likely to be more profitable than one owned by a businessperson who is just in the business for the money.

The reason for this is simple. When you enjoy doing what you do for a living, you’ll put more time and focused energy into it. Time and focused energy: these happen to be two of the most important elements of succeeding at anything.

A professional football player focuses on the main skill required of the position he plays, and he puts hours upon hours into practicing that skill. What does it mean to him? Usually, it means MILLIONS of dollars.

An inventor takes a dream or interest, and with time and focused energy crafts it into a solid plan for a product that can be marketed to a known group of buyers, again – sometimes netting millions!

As a network marketer, and especially as an affiliate of GDI, you already have a plan that’s been put in place for you. You should already know what specific skills you’ll need to develop your own specialized plan for success, and the skills you’ll need to insure that you carry out that plan.

In a way, you have an advantage over the hobbyist, the football player and the inventor. You have blueprints for success that can be easily followed by anyone. The roadway to success is already there for you. All you have to do is hop into the vehicle and drive it. Just like driving a car, if you’re applying focused energy and putting in the time, you’re going to get where you’re headed.

Here’s something that will make that easier: Make your workday more fun. Instead of driving a 1970’s model beat-up old station wagon, tear up the road to success in a Ferrari.

Even if the actual tasks you’re doing are not “fun,” that doesn’t mean your workday can’t be enjoyable. Imagine this: John Doe has a task to do that’s repetitive and a little boring. He earns a low wage and sits in a cubicle that has gray walls with nothing on them. His desk is littered with even more paperwork that he knows he’ll have to get to once he finishes this current task.

Ugh… it makes us sick just to think about.

Now, remove that cluttered paperwork from the equation. Give John a small corner office with a nice view of the skyline. Give him a small radio playing soft and non-intrusive music, and a chair that’s more plush. Finally, give John some nice motivation to complete the task at hand.

It’s crazy to think about. This is the exact same guy, doing the exact same task. But in the first scenario, we almost feel sorry for John. In the second, John’s probably a hard working guy, doing a task that’s not loads of fun – but at least his environment is enjoyable. That makes John much more productive, wouldn’t you think?

Heck, if John was a network marketer and his own boss, he could grab his laptop and his cell phone and complete his day’s work from pretty much anywhere he wanted to! In fact, on more than one occasion, the article for this weekly newsletter has been written while sitting on the beach or some other beautiful place.

Now, think about YOUR work environment. What steps have you taken to make sure that your surroundings are as stress-free as possible? When was the last time you cleaned up YOUR clutter? When was the last time you downloaded all your emails to your laptop, then headed to your favorite outdoor spot to reply to them – and saved your replies as drafts that you could easily send later with a single mouse click? If you haven’t tried that, why not? You might just find you get more work done.

Your energy and your ATTITUDE will have a great impact on the ALTITUDE (level of success) you reach as a GDI affiliate.

Take a few minutes to think about ways you can make being a GDI affiliate as enjoyable as it can be – for YOU. Starting on day number one, you’ll immediately begin reaping the benefits, and within a few months, you’ll see how those benefits equate to more monthly profits

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