Explaining the Benefits of GDI to a Prospect

Explaining the Benefits of GDI to a Prospect.

You joined GDI for a reason, or perhaps for many reasons. However, you should not assume that every potential prospect will share your reasons for getting into a home business.

In this article, we’ll cover just a few of the main benefits of working with GDI as an affiliate. These are benefits that anyone can enjoy simply by working with us.

1) Low Cost: Anyone can get involved as an affiliate of GDI for just $10 per month. In comparison to other home businesses available, this is usually at the very low end of the cost spectrum. We’ve proven that it’s possible to earn BIG incomes in GDI, without spending a fortune to get a business up and running.

2) Huge Target Customer Base: Another great benefit to working with GDI is that potential prospects for our product are EVERYWHERE. Individuals, small businesses and even non-profit organizations are great potential customers for GDI. The benefit to you is that you don’t have to be a seasoned advertising expert to attract new business. Even just starting out as an affiliate, most people are able to get referrals with just a little work.

3) Easy to Run: One of the nicest benefits of being an affiliate of GDI is that there is no product that must be stocked, and your business can be run by just you. As a result, you save a lot of time and effort most brick and mortar businesses would spend training employees, doing payroll and managing stock. Instead, you just show people the GDI product and you get paid!

4) Flexible Schedule, No Geographic Limitations: As an affiliate of GDI, you can work your own hours. You decide when and how much you work. You can also decide WHERE you work. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home, an office or even the beach. As long as you have the basic tools necessary to run your GDI business, you can do it from anywhere, and at any time. You can also recruit people from anywhere in the world, not just locally.

5) No Pay Limitations: This is one of the nicest benefits of being a GDI affiliate. Most “jobs” pay you based on your qualifications, work experience or what degree you hold. With GDI, what you earn is dependent on the overall amount of business you help bring to GDI. Even if you never graduated high school, you can earn $20, $50 or even $100’s per hour after you’ve worked to build an organization. Some of our affiliates earn as much for each hour of work as many doctors and lawyers do.

We’re sure as you sit and think about it, there are many benefits to working with GDI that we haven’t even mentioned here. Think about tax advantages, having fun working with friends or taking days off whenever you need them.

Every prospect that you talk to about GDI can benefit from building an extra income with us in their own way. Your job as a GDI affiliate is to share those benefits with them. If you’re successful at doing that, the financial benefit of being a GDI affiliate will belong to you.

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