Don’t do what I did…

I put off on this forever, but finally cracked down.

I thought.. I just promoted to my list.. I don’t want to bother you again.
I keep very high standards, that’s a double edged sword sometimes.
I thought.. Another cycler? Pfft.
I thought.. Leads? I’ve never liked leads.

Now I look back and I’m SORRY. Yes, forgive me for not sharing
this with you sooner.

Its “2×2 Prosperity Formula”, and you’ve probably already heard the buzz
so to you I may just be an echo.. but just in case you haven’t joined yet
or you haven’t heard of it yet.. I’ll share my thoughts with you. 🙂

If you don’t care and just trust my word.. go here and join free and then
get upgraded before friday when they do the first compression (in other words
upgrade right away):

Here are my second thoughts..

At first I thought.. another cycler. Now I think, this is the best cycling 2×2
I’ve ever seen. It’s very lucrative and you can join at many different levels.

It’s only a ONE TIME cost to join.. check out the memberships:

– Bronze Level is $75 and it comes with 500 leads, payout is $125 for a full
matrix (6 people)

– Silver level is $225 ($150+$75) and it comes with 1500 leads, payout is $125
and $250 for a full matrix in each level (6 people)

– Gold level is $525 ($75+$150+$300) and it comes with 3500 leads, payout is
$125 and $250 and $500 for a full matrix in each level (6 people)

– Platinum level is $1125(($75+$150+$300+$600) and it comes with 7500 leads,
payout is $125 and $250 and $500 and $1000 for a full matrix in each level (6 people)

It’s a 2×2 and basically what this means it is VERY easy to cycle. It only takes 6
people in your downline to cycle and earn. I don’t like to mention spillover but
I’m on a very powerful team and I also expect a great result.

Another really cool part of this program is it truly is a complete turn-key automated
system.. it doesn’t even require set-up.. they give you leads and it markets for you.
The leads are NOT shared leads.. they are exclusive to you! This means they should be
much better quality.

Get in before the 1st compression.. it’s this Friday.

Go here and secure your spot:

I know you may have questions.. we have set up a Skype chat
that you can join to ask any questions:

If you don’t have skype, just create a free account by going to

After you join for free at the link here…

…You need to upgrade your account, to do that you will login
at their main site.. but I can walk you through this if needed..
I’ll be on the skype chat tonight or just write me 🙂

Let’s do this!

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – Again, don’t do what I did and put it off.. get involved
now… Join a fast growing team and be on the cutting edge.

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