Do you love mailers this much?

Todd Perry and Scot Gardner have made it possible to create a full time affiliate income and business online using just mailers and safelists.

OK, to be fair it was always possible, I’ve personally earned hundreds if not thousands of dollars from every single mailer site I’ve promoted as an affiliate and continue to earn month after month and year after year…

BUT with Todd and Scott’s system they’ve made it far easier and ensured you’ll have a strong residual income to back it up and grow your downlines to unlimited depths.

What I really love, though, is it allows you to build your own personal autoresponder list, and in their system you get to choose YOUR top 6 mailers that YOU want to promote.

This really makes it a safelist business that you have some awesome control over while using a funnel that works!

If you really love mailers, you’ll really love My Safelist Biz:

Have a great one!

Darren Olander

P.S. You will notice they even have included all of my mailers that I own, so you can choose to promote all those through the system and earn some awesome commissions from me as well!

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