Do you know where your buyer is?

Most people agree that “Knowledge is power”. Not sure who
first coined it but it is one thing that is extremely true.

When you know what is working you can do more of it. Even
better you can stop doing the things that don’t work. After all
you always need more time don’t you?

That is one of the reasons that I have been a huge advocate
of tracking everything I possibly can. It takes a bit of effort (uh oh)
but the savings in time and money are more than worth it.

Last night, I spent some time to sit down and read Mike Paetzold’s
Latest revision to his popular “Tracking Your Way To Profits”
book and I am impressed.

Grab it here free:

It’s short and to the point, giving you just the details you need
to figure out this tracking business once and for all.

Inside you will discover…

– How to test your paid advertising, so you can save thousands
of dollars (or your free advertising to save you time)

– Generate more profits and constantly improve your results with
less effort on your part

– How to steadily increase the number of subscribers you receive
from each traffic source adding more profits to your bottom line
each week

And much more

All that for free if you grab it now:

Inside the book he also teaches you how to use one of the most popular
tracking services called Hits Connect. I highly recommend it myself.

In fact if you sign up to this tracking service through my link you can
save 30% right now. The discounted price is under this link:

It’s an awesome deal for knowing what ads are working and what are not.

Since I own several popular advertising sites… I would prefer you track
your results so you know exactly what you’re getting.

That’s how confident I am in my products, but of course
results vary and you must be tracking everything.

So get the free ebook now and learn how:

Then get the service to do it:

To your success,

Darren Olander
Marketing Consultant

P.S. – The book is free, and it even gave me a couple nice ideas, so make
sure to signup and take the time to read it right away.

P.P.S. – In my opinion, HitsConnect is the simplest yet most powerful tracking
solution out there, it can track your visitors, click-throughs, signups, and
sales.. providing you with all the information you need.. as an online marketer
this is a must-have tool:

Don’t forget, you’re getting a 30% discount on HitsConnect through my link, that’s
monthly so the savings add up fast.


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