Copywriting Tips for Article Marketing Success

Even if you’re not a professional copywriter, you can use a bit of copy magic in order to get more results from your article marketing efforts. Article marketing can be such a great source of traffic and sales – it makes sense to take some time to do it right. With these copy tips, you can be sure that your articles are getting the attention you deserve.

1. Figure out your angle before you start to write.

Selecting a keyword for your article is one thing, but if you want to be effective in article marketing you really need to tell a *story.* For example, your article on natural dog food could have the angle of “things to avoid when selecting a natural dog food.” Creating the angle first will help you determine what your outline should include.

2. Use a punchy headline.

Most professional copywriters spend their time on the headline of a sales letter. Once the headline is in place, the rest falls into line. Do the same with your article writing and you’ll have better success with your article marketing. Headlines grab attention and can make someone want to read your article from a long list of similar articles. Use a punchy headline and you can ensure success.

3. Use a tried and true format.

Expert copywriters have outlines that they use time and time again in order to be effective. There’s nothing wrong with using an outline again and again as long as it’s fresh content. Start collecting different outline ideas to use for article marketing, and use them time and time again.

4. Learn from the best.

This leads to another important skill of expert copywriters – they learn from the best. They develop “swipe files” of sales letters and copy pages that they like. They draw inspiration from them, rewrite them and learn their techniques and generally learn from them. If you want to be a good article marketer, you need to start developing a swipe file to study. Copy and paste articles from directories or from blogs in order to learn more about the craft.

5. End with an emphasis on the benefits.

Although you can’t do too much persuasion in the body of your article (lest you end up having your article eliminated for self promotion), you can do a lot of persuasion in the bio box. The bio box, or author box, is where you can really persuade your audience to take action and click on your link. You’ll get much better results if you focus on the benefit for them and not the features of clicking on your link. For example, you should end your article with “Get your free report on feeding your dog naturally” instead of “Click on my link.”

When you practice article marketing like a copywriter, you’ll be able to get your message through and help increase the numbers of people who visit your website and join your list. Apply these tips today – you’ll be glad you did!

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