BuildMyDownlines New Updates!

I’m happy to announce another round of updates has just hit BuildMyDownlines.

The first is the one that has been most requested:

1. Cancel in-progress offers

As an advertiser you can now cancel an offer and be refunded back to your account for any extra spots that have not been reserved. This was over-looked when first launching BMD, but hey, it’s now here!

2. Required Details

As an advertiser you can now select a required input that a user must provide if claiming to join your offer. This can be their affiliate number, username, e-mail, or affiliate link. Now you can be sure you get the info you need to verify them.

You will see this under Submit Offers when you create any new offer.

3. Auto-Suspend Cheaters

We now have a system in place that automatically detects users who are trying to claim to join offers when they haven’t, and lock them out from joining any new offers.

4. Frame-Breaker Check for all e-mail ads

A simple but much needed addition is a check while submitting any email ad to make sure it does not break out of our frames. This way members can avoid any hassle and get the credits they deserve.

Plus, some minor wording changes through-out the site.

These are all live, right now!

We are continuing development and will have more for you in the near future!

Go to BuildMyDownlines now:

To your success,

Darren Olander

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